Keanu Reeves Reportedly Working on 2005 Sequel as John Constantine

keanu reeves Throughout his career, he has starred in several films that will forever be known as classics, and one of those impressive line-up films is 2005’s Constantine. In this film, Keanu played his iconic DC Comics character John He Constantine. John Constantine has deep ties to DC’s underworld and is kind of an exorcist, but he’s way cooler than the old man in the 1973 movie.

The 2005 film didn’t have much of a tie to the grander DC Universe. Because the idea of ​​building a combined movie universe didn’t exist at the time, but now, according to the latest reports from Deadline, a sequel to his original 2005 film is in the works and could be. . It has exciting implications.

This isn’t the first time Keanu has revisited an older franchise.He just recently wrapped up releasing a reboot/sequel to The Matrix.

Reportedly, both Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz, who was also in the original film, are set to star in the upcoming sequel, while the original film’s director, Francis Lawrence, is also at the helm. Constantine was actually Francis Lawrence’s debut film.

There were some complaints from the original film that the adaptation of Keanu’s character wasn’t comic-accurate, but now that comic-accurate suits and character descriptions are very fashionable, especially Constantine’s iconic trench Some changes are to be expected with the inclusion of the coat…from the manga.

Whether or not this movie will lead to the larger DCEU is hard to say at this point, but it’s definitely something fans will want to see.

As far as this project’s release date goes, DC has made some major management changes, and Shazam!

But Constantine is back on the big screen, and fans can’t wait to see what that means for the modern DC Universe.

https://celebrityinsider.org/keanu-reeves-will-be-reprising-the-role-of-john-constantine-as-a-sequel-to-his-2005-film-is-reportedly-in-the-works-532944/ Keanu Reeves Reportedly Working on 2005 Sequel as John Constantine

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