Katie Maloney Teases ‘Awkward’ VPR Season Amid Divorce

Katie Maloney giving fans a glimpse Vanderpump rules Season 10.

according to Bravo There were a lot of stars, “awkward” [and] An uncomfortable ‘camera moment’ between her and her ex-husband Tom Schwartz Fans will see them play this upcoming season.rear stop it In March, after six years of marriage, the couple finalized their divorce October 13th.

The awkwardness between her and Tom contributed to the whole VPR Cast, as Katy EXCLUSIVELY told E! news’ Erin Lim Rose and Bravocon 2022 On Oct. 16, “I felt like not many people showed empathy. Speaking of which, I had a lot of friends who weren’t really my friends.”

Season 10 will likely explore Toms as well rumored romance with co-stars Raquel Revisthe causative relationshiptension” between Katie and her ex.

Like all exes, it was hard for Katie to see Tom move on, but she said she made a point of “putting our friendship first,” adding, “No hatred, animosity, etc. I didn’t,” he added.

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