Katie Hilton sent Lisa Rine to stop and give up?

Almost everything that happens Real housewives from Beverly Hills is expected to remain secret until the show airs.

So, naturally, absolutely everyone knows that serious drama has gone into decline on RHOBH Aspen’s journey.

First, there have been reports that Lisa Rina is turning against Erica Jane. Then Katie Hilton was publicly spotted asking to leave.

Now there is a hint that someone – perhaps Katie – has sent to stop and abandon her companion. What’s going on?

Unlike real neighbors who often barely know each other’s names, real housewives are known for their annual trips.

Actors from Beverly Hills went to Aspend for season 12.

It seems like almost everything that could have gone wrong among some of these stars has gone catastrophically wrong.

We are talking about the usual quarrels, conflicts in private clubs and even the desertion of the group in a sprint van to find refuge in a hotel.

It is reported that Katie Hilton played the role of “friend” this season, but it did not keep her from the thick of the drama.

Honestly? If that’s why she has long avoided participating in the show, we understand that.

We’ve all heard reports that Lisa Rina has temporarily stopped production after crossing the line.

Allegedly, this was due to her “concern” about Erica’s “self-medication” with alcohol and pills.

Maybe she said something that could bring the show to court, maybe it was something else, but that was just the beginning.

Recently, there was a report alleging that Katie had entered into some intense conflict with an employee of a private club.

The ladies went there – unfortunately, after the shooting was over, so there were no cameras to capture.

However, it is said that Katie is a member of the club and often goes there to Aspen.

Allegedly, Katie thought that her employee treated her badly.

Inciting the incident? It is believed that she asked the DJ to play a song by Michael Jackson.

It is not clear how the requested music of the controversial singer led to such an explosion, but Katie was described as “embarrassed”.

Reports described that Lisa accompanied Katie to the actors’ home, where Katie refused to film.

Lisa went to Instagram to stir the pot in the most obscure way.

“Oh damn, are we back to stop and give up? Ugh, ”she wrote … before quickly deleting the message.

So who sent the League a demand for termination?

Obviously, deleting the message did not stop the rumors.

Many of those wondering settled on the idea that Katie was to blame.

Since then, Katie has refused to send termination and denial statements through her representatives.

In particular, her spokeswoman said she had spent the previous day filming and had not sent anything like Lina Rina.

Other reports emphasize that they are getting along very well.

This leaves us with the question of who sent such an order?

Let’s keep in mind that Lisa never claimed to have been terminated and to give up – the options are wide open.

Katie hasn’t sent one to Lisa, but you can imagine any other combination.

Katie Hilton sent Lisa Rine to stop and give up?

Source link Katie Hilton sent Lisa Rine to stop and give up?

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