Kartik Aaryan travels in economy class, fans call him ‘very humble’

A heartthrob, whether on-screen with his movies or off-screen with his gestures Cartic Aryan We definitely know how to get fans and followers. Follow the trajectory and ditch the luxury of business class, Boule Briar 2 The actor, like other passengers, chose to travel in economy class.To the surprise of his fans, Kartik was recently spotted traveling from Jodhpur to Mumbai. indigo I received a warm welcome from my fellow passengers on an economy class flight. Now a video made by one of his passengers on the same flight has gone viral on the Internet, with some users believing Kartik to be the most “humble and down-to-earth person”. The same video was posted by paparazzi Biral Bayani on his official Instagram account.

While sharing the video, the paparazzi wrote in the caption: This is so healthy! Kartik, who turned his flight into a fan meeting, can be seen flashing his cheerful smile incessantly as fans praise his work.

The video begins with what’s happening onboard, where Kartik can be seen standing in his seat greeting a fan holding his phone in his hand to click on his photo. Kartik can be seen patiently posing until the end as he is the sweetest. Several of the female passengers can be seen coming up to him for selfies. says hello to everyone and applauds and cheers.

As the video went viral on the internet, it won millions of hearts. The comment section of the video is filled with countless comments. One user commented, “A very humble and down-to-earth person.” Another commented, “Worth a carta hi-bye A third user commented, “Bollywood’s most humble star and proud to be in my company.” A fourth user commented: Lou Baba.

On the other hand, in terms of work Boule Briar 2then the opposite pairing is seen Criti Sanon of Rohit Dhawan Shezadais scheduled to hit theaters next year.

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https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/watch-kartik-aaryan-travels-by-economy-class-fans-call-him-very-humble-11290971.html Kartik Aaryan travels in economy class, fans call him ‘very humble’

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