Karthi on Sardar: “It’s an Indian spy thriller, no bikinis and six packs”

Looking back, 2022 will be an important year. curtis career. The young hero already has two big releases. Vilmann When ponyin selvan 1 – This year he is gearing up for his upcoming Diwali release. sardarDirected by P.S. Misram of Ilumbu Thilai fame, the film is touted as a spy thriller and is also the biggest film in the hero’s career in terms of budget (excluding PS1 due to being multi-star). ).

A new trailer for the film was revealed at the epic event of Chennai It was attended by Karthi, PS Mithran, Laila, Raashi Khanna and Rajisha Vijayan. At the event Carty said: This is his thriller Indian spy without a bikini and six pack. So it’s for an audience of all families.

Talking about his biggest challenge in making the film, he said: So let’s put this movie next to all the spy movies on Netflix and Amazon to compare. So we had to be very careful and serve them fresh. “

Carty has a dual role in the film. One character is an old ex-agent he’s called Sardar and another character of him is a police officer he’s called Viji. “In this day and age, we seek verification of everything we do by posting on social media. But spies are those who do it without any verification of the state. Can he be altruistic? If there is such a person, what would happen to him? That is what we explored with Sardar,” Karthi added.

The film also marks the comeback of actress Laila, who had a lead role in the early 2000s. Her notable works are Dheena, Dhill, Pithamagan, Ullam Ketkume and Nandha. Laila thanked director Mithran for bringing her back into her industry and trusting her in that role, she said, “I’m glad I’m back. In this film, we’re going to see the life of Karti and Suriya’s family.” I played with all the stars.”

Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey is making his Tamil debut in Sardar. He missed coming back to Chennai after his 30 year absence for this film. “In 1987 I was shooting a Hindi movie in Chennai. Now I am back here after 33 years and I am shooting a movie called Sardar. … Despite being a pan-Indian film, it has not been released in Hindi.

Sardar will be released on October 21st.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/tamil/karthi-on-sardar-its-an-indian-spy-thriller-without-bikinis-and-six-packs/ Karthi on Sardar: “It’s an Indian spy thriller, no bikinis and six packs”

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