Karate Kid star Sean Kanan nearly died during filming

Sean Kanan nearly lost his life on the set of Karate Kid III, but that doesn’t deter him from reprising his role as Cobra Kai’s beloved master.

The actor, now 55, recently spoke about a terrifying experience that almost cost him his life. After that, I went to Las Vegas.

In a conversation with the Daily Mail published Wednesday, Kenan revealed that he passed out while gambling at the Dunes Casino, after which the discomfort he was experiencing in his legs was attributed to internal bleeding and blood running down his thighs. I know it was triggered. artery.

A day after the bleeding stopped, I rushed to the emergency room. As far as he recalled, they told him, “I don’t know if we can save your life, but we will try.” The experience was the scariest thing I have ever experienced.

Despite being on the brink of death, Canaan made it clear that maintaining his place in the third installment of the acclaimed trilogy was his primary concern.

They were the ones who saved my life. The actor, who plays the character in General Hospital, told the email that the studio called him and told him he needed to be back at work within a specified time (he doesn’t remember exactly how long. ), but he remembers it being less than a month). I was devastated at first, but then I got pretty furious.

However, the actor said there is a bright side to the situation. “One of the worst things that happened to me was also one of the most formative experiences of my life. So I wouldn’t change that for the world. Not only that, but the story itself.” That’s excellent.”

https://celebrityinsider.org/karate-kid-star-sean-kanan-almost-died-while-filming-534996/ Karate Kid star Sean Kanan nearly died during filming

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