Kapil Sharma Is Back, Should We Be Rejoicing?

Over the years, the Kapil Sharma show has become tediously repetitive.The drug gags have dragged the show down to village Nautanki level.

there was a time Kapil Sharma Improved recreational habits of the people.For someone like you who never switched on the TV for his show, it was really funny and, more importantly, utterly devoid of vulgarity. Tonde (Punch) Toned down.

Unfortunately, the “punch” line persists.

Over the years, the show has become tediously repetitive.The drug gag dragged the show down to the village level NautankiMen in women’s clothing were in vogue Lamb Lira A celebration in the village, as women were not allowed to perform on stage.

Why do Kapil Sharma’s shows feature so many drag acts? We asked him.

“This time all your grievances will be washed away,” promised Kapil.Kapil Sharma hairstyle and Archana Puran Singhof couture (She switched to smart-cut suits), and nothing has changed in the new season.one of them sharda chrysanthemum It’s a little funny. This Kiku plays a washerwoman named Goody who washes dirty linens in public. so to speak.

The program is in its ninth year. It gets more repetitive and boring with each passing season. Clearly, the writers are no different this season than their predecessors. Where they differ, they are strictly instructed to follow past humor patterns. The skit is skippable.

new season kick start September 10th. We were welcomed by the newly renovated Kapil Sharma (nice haircut). The producers secured a new avatar for the host, but forgot to order the same one for the show itself. Kapil was said to have lost his memory.

That is correct. Amnesia is a joke. We also want to forget that every joke we hear in the new season has been heard before. Kapil continues to insult his “wife” Sumona Chakravarti. She is repeatedly heckled for her looks, and her parents are thought to be chunky child-bearing machines, leaving Kapil and his wife childless.

Selection is not mentioned here.It is not taken into account that Kapil and Smona may not have children by choice: the joke is that they is not have sex. Haha.

After watching three episodes this season, I was disappointed by the slanted blandness of the presentation.The first episode had a bargain Rambia SinghA nude photo session for , which I thought was uninteresting, came too late to make me laugh.

Especially offensive are the humiliating references to a guest’s personal life. Jackie Bagnani When Rakul Preet Singh I had to put up with dating jokes.But the worst potshot (so far) is Sushmita Senalleged relationship with Lalit ModiThe reason I was poor Chandracha Singh Did you ask about Sen and Modi? Just because I performed with Sen-san, AaryaIn that case, could you ask Kapil Sharma about Navjot Sidhu’s imprisonment?

Chandrachur looked visibly uncomfortable. “Can we talk about anything else?” he demanded.

yes, but what?of this season Kapil Sharma Show We seem to be missing out on the quick banter and ready reunion that made Kapil such a prodigious entertainer at one time. painstaking It’s a replica of the humor of the original, and sits with guests trying to put a smile on the humor that has fallen out of fashion in Honey Singh’s music.

There is still hope (for Kapil, not Honey). Kapil Sharma should hire new writing talent. See how much the world has changed in the last two years. Jokes about men in drugs and ragged women just make me sad.

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the Bollywood industry thoroughly. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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