Kanye West Teases Hailey Bieber

West modeled when Hailey Bieber stood up for Vogue editor Gabriella Kalefa Johnson and opposed criticism of West’s ‘White Lives Matter’ t-shirt. On , the rapper posted a screenshot for E! News article on Bieber’s support for Kalefa Johnson.

Wait, the 45-year-old designer asked, “Are you canceling again?” In the Instagram description of the photo.please, justin [Bieber], please let me know. Hailey stepped out in support of her on Tuesday, following West’s blatant bullying of her fashion editor.

The model wrote on her Instagram Stories, “I am forever grateful to you my friend!” She added, “Knowing you is caring for you and it’s an honor to work with you. The nicest person. The best in her field. Also the funniest and most stylish.” .

Finding herself in the middle of Ye’s fury, fashion editor Kalefa Johnson spoke for the first time about her experience on Wednesday, gaining support from other A-list personalities at the age of 25.

I am known for speaking my mind and striving to live by my integrity. The opinions expressed here are my own and I fully support them. The 30-year-old fashionista thanked her followers through her Instagram stories for helping her achieve this goal.

Another article talked about the “fat scare” Donda’s rapper had to deal with when he openly insulted her in front of 17.9 million fans.

Kalefa Johnson said, “I’ve faced some serious instability in the last few days, but nothing has been more frightening than what people have said about my body and my appearance. is not ashamed of being herself in public, she added.

West may be unsure if his latest collection at Paris Fashion Week has been canceled, but many industry insiders aren’t optimistic about his return.

https://celebrityinsider.org/kanye-west-pokes-fun-at-hailey-bieber-and-wonders-aloud-if-justin-bieber-has-once-again-been-canceled-534533/ Kanye West Teases Hailey Bieber

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