Kanye West says slimmer Lizzo has a ‘bot’ that attacks her for her new figure

Kanye West believes mainstream culture fosters the impression that being overweight is desirable. The weight of has spread.

He said Lizzo was training with a friend’s personal trainer on Thursday. Misleading and harassing Lizzo because the media promoted the idea that being overweight was fashionable again, despite being misleading and unhealthy.

As the 45-year-old designer elaborated, “It’s fashion and Vogue and what it isn’t, or if someone finds it glamorous, let’s each leave it to ourselves.” is more accurate. It is diabolical for someone to defend such a thing.

The rapper’s comments about disliking the pop star’s weight drew criticism from social media users.

It’s strange for Kanye to comment on Lizzo’s weight after recently undergoing weight loss surgery, as Lizzo goes about her day as usual and brings joy to the world. 1 She tweeted, “Hope she’s having a nice night.

As another commenter pointed out, it needs to be clarified why Kanye feels the need to involve Lizzo in this drama. I didn’t miss the interview,” he added.

The Heartless rapper continued his body-shaming rant by bringing up Vogue’s global fashion editor Gabriela Kalefa Johnson, who mocked him for criticizing his design choices earlier this week.

He told the Fox host that people thought he was bullying Kalefa Johnson because she was black and skinny.

On Monday, West openly criticized Johnson’s sense of Kalefa fashion, opting for brown boots, a striped knit skirt, a yellow graphic T-shirt, a corduroy trench coat and a bright blue Balenciaga purse.West’s Instagram gram account.

https://celebrityinsider.org/a-slimmer-lizzo-according-to-kanye-west-has-bots-attacking-her-because-of-her-new-figure-534599/ Kanye West says slimmer Lizzo has a ‘bot’ that attacks her for her new figure

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