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Kanye West he now brought his ex-sister-in-law kylie jenner and her best friend Stacy Karanikolau, both 25, to his ongoing Instagram drama. On Oct. 6, the 45-year-old rapper unpromptedly confessed in a photo caption that he was obsessed with Stacy (seen here) he shared that Kylie is gearing up for Balenciaga paris fashion week show. “Yes, the whole world knows I fell in love with STAS, but Victoria is a dope too,” he wrote. “I feel like we shouldn’t hold back dope people for fear of losing something.” He also brought a woman named Victoria to a Balenciaga show with someone named Stacy and Carter. I admit that I have come.

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Kanye West admitted he’s in love with Kylie Jenner’s 25-year-old best friend via an Instagram post he shared on Thursday, Oct. 5, 2022 (Photo: Instagram/Kanye West)

As of this writing, neither Kylie nor Stacy have responded to Kanye’s confession.The post came after both Kylie and Khloe Kardashian Supporting Kanye from the front row in his Fashion Week debut over the weekend, he wowed fans on the runway. balenciaga showhis eldest daughter, age 9 Northwas also there, appearing on Khloe’s Instagram story during a mini family reunion.

Kanye West Stussy Karanikolaou
Stacy Karanikolaou has not responded to Kanye West’s comments about her as of this writing (Photo: John Saransang/Shutterstock)

Kanye’s Instagram post is just one of many that have garnered attention in recent days, including one in which the “Mercy” hitmaker claimed Adidas. “Rape and steal” His design and another he shared his disdain for Joshua Kushnermodel husband Karlie Klossin the meantime celebrate Ivanka TrumpHe also drew attention when he wore a black shirt that read “White Lives Matter” At the Yeezy Paris Fashion Week show on October 3rd.right-wing commentator candace owens They wore matching shirts of opposite colors.

Fans and celebrities alike have voiced their displeasure online.In addition, insider Said hollywood life Exclusively Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian I was “completely sick” of fashion statements. Did Kanye care? of course not. On October 4th he on his Instagram story As if seemingly reacting to the backlash he received. “We all know Black Lives Matter was a scam. That’s it. You’re welcome,” he said.he then insulted trend fashion editor Gabriela Kalefa Johnsonslammed his shirt as “incredibly irresponsible and dangerous” for his recent Fashion Week choices. Kanye said he and Gabriella met and their different perspectives on dinner.

Then, on October 5th, he doubled down on his choice. wear a controversial shirt“When people asked me why I made a t-shirt that said White Lives Matter, my latest answer was…” he captioned a snapshot of his black “White Lives Matter” shirt. added. “They do.”

Kanye’s behavior is also attracting attention. Gigi Hadid, 27, and Chloe, 38. October 4, Gigi accused the father of four for denying Gabriella under one of his recent Instagram posts. “I wish you had some percentage of her intelligence. You don’t know,” she began in a comment. “If you have a point, maybe she’s the only one who can save you. As if there was?” She concluded, “You’re a bully and a joke.”

Meanwhile, after Kanye responded to backlash from Gigi and others by raising family issues, Khloe stepped in. “Why was everyone attacking me so freely about my shirt? But Candace Owens is the only public figure who said the Kardashians were wrong for not letting me see their daughter,” he wrote in another Instagram post.

Chloe instead Begged Kanye to stop publicizing family issues Online, he also accused him of lying about an anecdote about being kept away from his children all the time. “Yeah, I love you. I don’t want to do this on social media, but you keep it here. I’m trying to do my best, but please don’t break Kimberly or take advantage of our family when you want to distract,” she pleaded.

“Again birthday talk. Enough. We all know the truth, but in my opinion, everyone is sick of it. You always know exactly where your child is.” I know, and you wanted separate birthdays. As you pointed out she spends 80% of the time taking care of your children.Stay away from her and family so the children can grow up in peace.I am a place of love I’m from, so if you don’t mind, I’d be happy to continue this conversation privately.”

Sadly, Khloe’s attempts to convince the Yeezy designer fell on deaf ears, with Kanye calling her a “liar” and accusing her and her sister of kidnapping their third child. . Chicago, to keep her away from him on her birthday. “That’s how you play with black fathers,” he claimed.

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