Kanye West is now harassing Pete Davidson on Instagram: Keep your enemies close!

After spending years on social media, Pete Davidson returned to Instagram on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, along with hundreds of thousands of others Kanye West noticed.

Kanye chased Pete for centuries when his insecurities and mental health collided.

Now he is taking things up a step. Kim is worried about Pete. Many people are more worried about Kim.

Many people, contrary to their best opinion, found out a new poster of the former on social networks.

Most people regret it. And by accident the following they would be a nightmare.

But Kanye West is not the majority of people, and we don’t mean that in a good way.

Kanye truck

As soon as Pete rejoined Instagram on Wednesday – years after his last raid on the platform – hundreds of thousands flocked to the account.

One of these new followers, for some reason, is Kanye West.

Pete hasn’t given him an investigation yet … but then he didn’t really follow anyone yet.

Pete had a troubled story with social media when he found himself in the spotlight.

In 2018, he deleted his account after a painful breakup with ex-fiancée Ariana Grande.

It returned briefly, a few months later, only to be removed again. He repeated this several times in 2019.

Kanye meme

On Sunday, Kanye publicly called Pete an “idiot” in one of his many inappropriate messages.

He shared a screenshot from a private conversation with Pete.

The worst thing could be that Pete was treating with good intentions, trying to calm the egomaniacal narcissist.

“… you as a person, I would never interfere with your children,” Pete Kanye told DM. “It’s a promise.”

He reassured the toxic rapper: “How you guys raise your kids is your business, not mine.”

Pete added to his olive branch, writing, “I hope so [some] a day when I can meet them and we can all be friends ”.

Kanye West IG you will never meet my children

This, in turn, was a clear reaction to Kanye’s truly uncertain post.

He shared a silly photo of Pete and his friend depressed goblin tattoo boy Kelly’s machine gun in underwear.

Kanye’s fiery signature read, “You will never meet my children!”

Kanye has made it clear that he has a special problem with one of Pete’s 100 tattoos (he is in the process of removing them all).

Pete, who did a lot of tattoos on his own, including a tattoo of ferocious wolves, never watching Game of Thronesmade Hillary Clinton’s personal hero tattoo on the calf.

Apparently that the former The presence of ink in honor of one of the most famous politicians in recent American history has come under Kanye’s sadly thin skin.

“When I tag people, I just collect the web,” Kanye said, not detaching himself from reality.

“There is a group of people who run the media and the election,” he said.

“Thank God for freedom of speech,” Kanye shouted. “Look at that fool.”

“You’ve all seen this tattoo, but if I speak, I’m crazy,” muttered Kanye. Like … yeah, dude.

“I told you you wouldn’t use it anymore,” he continued. “If a garbage man goes to work, he’ll smell like garbage, but it’s time to take the garbage out of the house.”

Kanye then added, “You can Google that Hillary I’m not making it up.”

Kanye’s mental illness along with his inflated sense of self make him more vulnerable than the average person to strange conspiracy theories.

In his opinion, his statements probably make a lot of sense.

Unfortunately, as we all know, some people will cling to the wildest beliefs and ruin their lives after a complete fabrication.

All of this, of course, is why Kim recently asked Kanye to soften his bizarre campaign against Pete.

Her very reasonable fear that (comrade) crazy will hear the words of E and decide to attack the guy Kim.

Kanye claimed to respect her wishes … but continued to call her his “wife” for more than a year after she filed for divorce.

Text by Kim

Truth be told, many people are less worried about what Kanye will do with Pete, and more concerned about Kim.

Kim is the real focus of Kanye’s fixation. He is not taking medication, is not filtered and is extremely impulsive.

Many people, especially women, have been harassed, harassed and even worse by their exes, and they are watching this with genuine concern for Kim.

Kanye West is now harassing Pete Davidson on Instagram: Keep your enemies close!

Source link Kanye West is now harassing Pete Davidson on Instagram: Keep your enemies close!

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