Kanye West goes wild on Twitter and Instagram after reported anti-Semitic posts

Kanye West is one of the biggest rappers of the last few decades with a growing fan base. However, he has recently been known to piss off his fans with his controversial statements and posts.

Recently, many people reported that Kanye’s posts were anti-Semitic. Kanye’s social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram, were restricted after the news broke. An Instagram post included Kanye accusing a musician of being controlled by Jews. His account was suspended after posting on Instagram.

After his Instagram account was suspended, Kanye took to Twitter to lash out. Kanye hasn’t posted on Twitter in two years. On Twitter, he posted a blurry photo of rapper and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, thus asking how to ban Kanye from Instagram.

Kanye also added, “You guys tried to make fun of me and blackball anyone who disagrees with your agenda. He replied to one of the welcoming tweets.

Kanye’s behavior has been observed on social media for some time, so fans aren’t happy with what they see. It didn’t matter, but people despised the way Kanye spoke badly about other people and got around it.

Instagram took immediate action to prevent Kanye from posting any more harmful things. , changed how you send posts, comments, and even direct messages.

This whole situation recently surfaced after the controversy over Kanye at Paris Fashion Week. This upset a lot of fans who were squabbling over the recent “Black Lives Matter” issue.

https://celebrityinsider.org/kanye-west-is-under-heat-on-twitter-and-instagram-after-antisemitic-post-is-reported-534792/ Kanye West goes wild on Twitter and Instagram after reported anti-Semitic posts

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