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Lana Dugbatty He is very well versed in the film business and his project selections rely on the years of experience he has gained from all the film industries he has worked across the country. We understand that the expectations of moviegoers have changed. This is why he is picky about the theatrical releases he chooses to attend.the last time he was seen Virata Parvam In Telugu, his last multilingual film was Hearty Mela ThirtyLana comments on his upcoming projects, shifting audiences, the ever-changing dynamics of Southern cinema and Bollywood, and the latest outrage across the country — Cantara – and 53rd Indian International Film Festival.

Rana is currently looking through scripts, but can’t find one that really suits her. His decision to take his time on his next film comes from understanding audience expectations as the country opens up after multiple lockdowns due to the pandemic. His understanding of is probably also why the actor is currently busy with the Netflix series.

Speaking of what works in theater, the actor explained: Once you enter the screen, you will want to step away from the real world experience. You want to forget it all So whatever genre the filmmaker is making a story with, it has to be extreme in a certain way. must be ”

So what about his Netflix series?with title Lana Naiduthe show is the official adaptation of the hit English series Ray DonovanThe show also features Lana’s uncle and a Telugu superstar VenkateshIn the show, Lana will play the lead role and he will be a Bollywood celebrity fixer on the show. Talking about how movies such as RRR and Kantara have taken the approach of dubbing their content in multiple languages ​​to expose it more widely, Rana also said platforms such as Netflix will only expand on this. he said: In my contract he has 170 languages ​​written. So that’s going to be the scale from now on. ”

Speaking of Bollywood, the general consensus is that recent releases do not fare well.Why, despite releases like Brahmastra, why is there no major success? As I put it back, it’s not a lack of content either. But the movie isn’t doing as well as it did before the pandemic started. RRR, Pushpa When Cantara, Rana said: I think somewhere Hindi movies have been leading the whole industry in terms of music, creating enterprise and value. All of us in India know that entertainment companies have value. Because Hindi cinema taught me. And I think they’re the closest to change, so it’s going to take a little longer. ”

Content in other languages ​​may have come to the fore because baahubali star says: What India is, it is unity and diversity. Each language offers something new, unique and diverse. Previously, the cost of promoting a pan-Indian film was a minimum of 10 or 15 crore in terms of publicity. Otherwise you can’t get anywhere. But I see Pushpa and Kantara breaking that whole myth very quickly. The movie was so good that people all over the country saw it. ”

Speaking of Cantara It continues to rage across the country and is a huge success. Lana says: If you are from another state, you have other versions of your own culture. Watching it, in one movie… Come to think of it, the same effect is in my body. For his last 20 minutes, I was in a theater in Hyderabad and felt this energy that just went through my body while he was so possessed. We all experienced it together. This is the limit that I have never felt before. ”

He recalled an anecdote about his grandfather, D. Ramanaidu, who made many devotional films. He described hearing his grandfather say “Devudu choosinapudu poonakalu vochinayi” (goosebumps at the sight of God), but he understood the emotion behind the words because it It was only when I saw Cantara.

Priyanka Sundar is a film journalist who covers films and series in various languages, with a particular focus on the politics of identity and gender.

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