Kamal Haasan Introduces Big Boss Contestants

Bigg Boss Tamil is back! by coronavirus The pandemic has pushed the reality show schedule a bit off. His reality show, which normally airs in June each year, was postponed to October in 2020, and since then, October has become the new Big Boss month. Bigg Boss, he also means one piece of good news.Next 14 weeks, actor and filmmaker Kamal Haasan It appears on screen with his usual wit, book suggestions and anecdotes. The actor is now basking in Vikram’s success, so it’s going to be all the more fun.

Previously, I introduced the state of the new house.More luxurious, more glamorous. On top of that, two significant changes to the home further spice things up: one is the return of the non-functioning swimming pool, as the showrunners wanted to show solidarity with the water scarcity problem. , returns this season with the lamp. The second significant change to the home is the common bedroom for both men and women, and even before Day 1 begins, this is certainly a fertile scenario for further drama. Also, like every season, the prison gets a makeover. Instead of a dungeon like last season, we now have a giant parrot cage for inmates who need punishment.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/tamil/bigg-boss-tamil-6-launch-live-updates-kamala-haasan-contestants-8199023/ Kamal Haasan Introduces Big Boss Contestants

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