K-pop band BTS to serve in the military under Korean law Soompi

K-pop band member BTS Their management company announced Monday that they would be serving mandatory military service under South Korean law, effectively ending debate over whether they should be granted exemptions because of their artistic achievements. .

Big Hit Music said Jin, the band’s oldest member, has canceled his request to postpone the draft at the end of the month and will take necessary steps. Six other BTS members are also planning military service, and “following their commitment to service, we look forward to reuniting as a group around 2025,” the company said. statement.

No further information was provided on the timing of their service.The band members played together in Busan over the weekend to help with the city’s EXPO bid, according to the label.

Big Hit’s parent company, Hybe Corp., said in an email to The Associated Press that for the time being, each member of the band will focus on their individual activities scheduled to coincide with their military service plans.

In a letter to shareholders, Hybe CEO Park Jiwon downplayed financial concerns related to BTS’s hiatus, citing other popular K-pop groups such as Le Sserafim and New Jeans as well as Western performers. He said they have a wide enough line-up of artists, including Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. .

“We are always aware of the possibility of mandatory military service and have been preparing for this moment for a long time,” Park wrote. ‘s individual activities are planned, pre-securing content that will allow BTS to continue engaging with fans for the foreseeable future.”

The announcement was made by Military Manpower Administration Director Lee Ki-sik to legislators this month. It’s ‘preferable’ for BTS members to serve in the military To ensure the fairness of military service in the country.

After enlisting, Jin and the other BTS members will undergo five weeks of combat training before being assigned to specific units or duties, according to a Military Manpower Administration official. He stressed that they would go through the same process as men.

For years, the South Korean military assigned enlisted entertainers to duties related to producing radio and television material promoting the military, but following complaints about fairness, the “entertainment soldier” system was discontinued in 2013. was abolished to

Defense Minister Lee Jong-seop said in August that BTS members would likely be allowed to continue practicing and participate in overseas tours if they enlisted in the military.

Whether BTS members should serve in the military has been a hotly debated issue in South Korea, as Jin faced the possibility of enlisting early next year. Men are no longer at an age where they can delay their enlistment.

Under Korean law, most able-bodied people are required to serve 18 to 21 months in the military, but special exemptions were granted to outstanding athletes and artists in certain international competitions linked to national prestige. .

Consisting of J-Hope, RM, Jungkook, V and other members of Jimin, the band formed in 2013 and has a large global following that calls itself ‘Army’.

After gaining a huge following in Asia, BTS expanded their popularity in the West with their 2020 mega-hit “Dynamite.” The song is the band’s first all-English song to become her first K-pop act to top Billboard’s Hot 100. It has been held in sold-out arenas around the world and has even been invited to speak at conferences at the United Nations.

Avoiding or creating exemptions from military service is a very sensitive issue, as conscription in South Korea hinders professional careers and academic studies for young men. Polls in recent weeks have shown that opinions are split on whether BTS members should serve in the military.

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