Justin Bieber to perform again in India

Do beavers care about Indian sensitivities? Apparently not. The way he abruptly got up and left after a concert in 2017 left a very sour taste in even the most die-hard Bieber fans’ mouths.

Never again! Justin Beeber, bratty badshah One of Bubblegum Rock is set to perform at New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on October 18th.

Have we forgotten what the beavers did to us the last time they graced our land?

2017, Justin Bieber Come, play, run away, leaving a trail of embarrassing questions for the organizers. Was it worth thousands of rupees (ticket prices went up to 80-90,000 rupees) just to see Mr. Bieber mimic his song on stage? That is correct.beaver baba did not do it Sing his song live on stage. He lip-synced while the song played in the background.

Do beavers care about Indian sensitivities? won’t It seems so.his way up After a 2017 concert, even the most die-hard Bieber fans left abruptly after leaving with a very sour taste. I stubbornly refused the attempt.

apparently Jacqueline Fernandezwho was Bieber’s backstage hostess, received little recognition from the great American superstars of the performing arts. It was against Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Khan Saab, who had planned to gift Bieber with a sarod specially designed for playing by left-handed musicians, discovered that he was left-handed.

As it was my first visit, Sarod was a sign of welcome as an Indian artist. White Fox India, organizers of Justin Bieber’s concerts, suggested it, and Khan Saab thought it would be great to have him strum a sarod. Fall in love with a certain Salod. Musicians Steven Tyler, Joe Walsh and Derek Trucks all own Sarods. It was a more travel-friendly left-handed sarod.

But alas, the gift remained neglected and unapproved. He showed no interest in India and Indians.

And I’m not talking about smiling at underprivileged children. Aside from blowing off a romantic kiss, it became horrifyingly clear that Mr. Bieber had little interest in his fans in Mumbai and India.

A big question mark looms over all concerts in India featuring international artists. Should hosts and audiences endure so many demands, tantrums and rejections just because they despise the Billboard Badshah to come down to our humble shores?

We hear that the capricious Bieber is canceling all concerts around the world “for health reasons”.

Whose health, he or the organizer? With any luck, he too will withdraw from concerts in India. This is his one manifestation of the cancellation culture we’ve all been waiting for.

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the Bollywood industry thoroughly. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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