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Julie Chrisley explained her adopted daughter chloe with the help of a therapist chrisley knows best star, 49, and her husband Todd, 53, received their legal battle for tax evasion and bank fraud. Julie opened up about her adopted daughter of 10 while talking to her one of her other daughters. savannah, 25 years old, on a podcast unlock, Released on Tuesday, November 29th.

During an episode of the podcast recorded before Julie was recorded sentenced to seven years in prison The reality star, who was in jail for tax evasion, revealed that Khloe has “the help of a therapist” to help her handle all the legal troubles Todd and Julie have been going through. Savannah also said that Khloe “had had a psychologist since she was a toddler,” and that the reality star couple “wanted to look after her mental health and her best interests.” Savannah also described their family as “huge supporters” of the treatment.

Julie is with Chloe, husband Todd, and son Grayson in 2016. (WENN.com/MEGA)

Early in the discussion, Savannah revealed Todd’s son, Chloe Kyles As a biological daughter, she tends to listen to family discussions, perhaps even about the process leading up to the Nov. 21 sentencing. Savannah refers to her sister as “nosy” and she tends to ask anything about her family. “She puts on headphones and she acts like she’s listening to something when in reality she’s got nothing,” she said. “So for every legal issue we had, she listened and she handled it in her own way.”

Julie and Todd were both sentenced to prison after being convicted of multiple fraud charges on Nov. 21. Julie was sentenced to seven years in prison, while her husband was sentenced to 12. Prior to her sentence, Savannah had revealed: she had custody both Chloe and her brother grayson, 16, in case the parents were sentenced to imprisonment.

At another point in the podcast, Julie talked about her emotions and thoughts before execution. “I’ve never been out here and never intentionally tried to do something I shouldn’t have done. Look where I stand now,” she said. “I know what I’ve done. More importantly, I know what I haven’t done.” She also shared a mantra that helped comfort her. “God will break you so that he can bless you,” she said.

https://hollywoodlife.com/2022/11/30/julie-chrisley-daughter-chloe-reaction-tax-fraud-prison/ Julie Chrisley reveals daughter Chloe’s reaction to tax evasion scandal – Hollywood Life

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