Judge rules Mel Gibson may appear in Harvey Weinstein lawsuit

A court ruled Friday that Mel Gibson will be allowed to testify about what he discovered from one of Harvey Weinstein’s victims in his rape and sexual harassment conviction against the former movie mogul. has been charged with attempting to cover up his involvement in the incident.

The identity of the 66-year-old actor and director was one of various witnesses whose names were released in the Los Angeles Superior Court. But he was by far the most famous of those witnesses.

Courts and attorneys had paused the jury selection process to consider motions regarding the types of evidence admissible in court and which witnesses were allowed to testify. The list of witnesses in the trial is confidential.

A ruling by Judge Lisa B. Lench allowed Gibson to speak in favor of his masseuse and friend, who will be referred to throughout the proceedings as Jane Doe #3.

The trial against Weinstein, 70, includes 11 counts of rape and sexual assault. One of his charges against him was sexual assault in custody, which alleges that he sexually assaulted a woman while she was in custody against her will.

Prosecutors allege that in May 2010, while staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills, California, Weinstein received a massage from a woman and then accompanied her to the bathroom, where he masturbated. Weinstein filed her not-guilty plea, refuting her allegations that she engaged in sexual misconduct without the consent of the victim.

In refuting Gibson’s testimony, Weinstein’s attorney argued that the information Gibson collected from the woman during the massage did not qualify as a new complaint by the woman under the law. California law allows you to show evidence of sexual assault or another type of crime if you tell someone else about it and do so within a reasonable time after the incident occurred. We allow you to submit complaints.

https://celebrityinsider.org/the-judge-has-ruled-that-mel-gibson-may-appear-in-harvey-weinsteins-lawsuit-535108/ Judge rules Mel Gibson may appear in Harvey Weinstein lawsuit

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