Joy Anna Duggar mourns stillborn daughter on 3rd anniversary of due date

Back in October, Joy Anna Duggar announced she’s pregnant with a third child.

Earlier this week, Joy reveals she’s experiencing complications with her pregnancy.

The bad news is that Joy is at high risk for blood clots and will need to take extra precautions in the coming months.

Fortunately, Joy’s doctors confirmed that both Joy and the baby are now healthy.

Here’s the proof, folks! Joy Anna Duggar is expecting her third child! (Photo via Instagram)

Clearly, receiving bad medical news while pregnant is high on a mother’s list of worst fears.

But in Joy’s case, the diagnosis may have been particularly traumatic because of her past experiences.

Joy had a miscarriage In 2019, she spoke candidly about the experience.

Joy-Anna Duggar shared some disturbing news with her fans this week. It looks like she’s going through some pregnancy complications. (Photo via Instagram)

The loss of her baby has been especially heavy on Joy’s mind this week, not just because of recent complications from her pregnancy.

On Wednesday, Joy revealed on Instagram that she was mourning her daughter’s death three years ago.

“Today was my angel baby’s due date,” she wrote, along with a photo taken at the hospital that day.

“Annabelle Elise would have been three years old today,” added Joy.

Joy added a heartbreaking black-and-white photo of her daughter’s feet, as well as touching memories of her brief time with baby Annabelle.

“She was perfect, little fingers and toes,” wrote the grieving mother.

“I vividly remember looking at her little mouth and perfectly formed tongue,” she added.

Joy went on to write that she took comfort in knowing her baby was “in the arms of Jesus.”

She went on to explain the reasons behind the baby’s name.

Joy Anna Duggar poses with her husband and two children. She shared this photo on social media in August 2022. (Picture via her Instagram)

“Annabelle means ‘God has favored me’ and Elise means ‘God has pleased me,'” she wrote.

Joy went on to say that she was comforted to know her daughter was not in pain.

“How precious it is to know that when our daughter opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the face of Jesus,” she wrote.

Joy-Anna Duggar posted this selfie to Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

Joy has received a lot of support and kind words after sharing her story on Instagram.

And of course, many Duggar fans have said they are praying for the 25-year-old during her current pregnancy.

“It puts me at a higher risk of blood clots, so I have to start taking injections every day. My best friend also has to do that while she’s pregnant, so it’s kind of crazy,” she said of her condition before this. explained week.

Joy Anna Duggar Enjoys Fall With Gideon And Evelyn
Counting on alum Joy Anna Duggar and her children, Gideon Forsythe and Evelyn Forsyth, to enjoy the unseasonably warm November weather. (Photo via Instagram)

Joy added that she needed to “take blood thinners and more vitamins” during her pregnancy, but assured her fans that they had nothing to worry about.

I wish Joy and her family all the best.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/11/joy-anna-duggar-mourns-stillborn-daughter-on-third-anniversary-of-due-date/ Joy Anna Duggar mourns stillborn daughter on 3rd anniversary of due date

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