Joy Anna Duggar basically got a haircut that put Austin Forsyth to shame: I wish it was longer!

Meanwhile, Austin Forsyth and Joy Anna Duggar is expecting her third childJoy chose to change.

She went out and got a new haircut. This is a new hairstyle, not a simple trim.

If you’re part of an oppressive cult that labels you as your husband’s property, your personal style can be a big issue.

And many of Joy’s fans flinched in sympathy for her over the reaction to Austin’s new “behavior.”

Joy-Anna Duggar has posted a rather lengthy video on YouTube detailing her rather drastic new transformation.

It all started with her husband, Austin Forsyth, by her side.

The two simply announced plans for a vlog.

“I’m going to cut my hair,” Joy-Anna announced to her fans and followers in a YouTube video.

“I’m very, very, very excited!” she declared.

This haircut, she revealed, is a bit of a departure from the look she’s “always” cultivated.

“I’ve always had long hair,” Joy-Anna said.

Prominent long hair looks great. It happens to be very common among women in fundamentalist cults.

“But I thought about winter and this pregnancy,” Joy explained nervously.

Joy shared that Austin is actually out of town. So this is amazing.

Clearly, she was both nervous and excited.

First, of course, she had to go to the salon. The first major step was the actual haircut.

The remnants of Joy Anna’s massive haircut can be seen on the salon floor.

Joy lost at least the bird’s nest, or pillow stuffing, in hair volume, but this was just the beginning.

Then there are the highlights. Joy never went completely blonde like her certain sisters, but a few blonde dyes added to the fray.

As many of us know, highlighting hair involves covering some parts of the hair and leaving others exposed.

There are many art forms that employ a similar philosophy, such as wax resist in watercolor.

This time the medium is hair dye and the canvas is Joy Anna’s hair.

However, this is not as quick and easy as a haircut or many dye jobs.

Highlights should be placed selectively and carefully. Otherwise, it will look bad or you will accidentally over dye it.

Joy’s hairstylist seemed to be careful and thorough. Ready to see the results?

Joy declared that she “loved” her new hairstyle.

“It’s not very short, myself, it’s really short,” she gushed at the camera. Many of us have very different ideas about “short” and “long” hair.

Meanwhile, she was itching to show Austin something new.

To debut her new look to her husband, Joy-Anna stayed up until 1:00 am, the devil’s own time.

Austin has just returned from a six-day trip to Colorado. She answered the door with her hair up to keep her amazement.

She then let it down and captured his reaction on video.

When asked for a response, Austin’s response was a little lackluster.

“It’s a little short,” he said to his wife. It is unknown if he was aware of the camera.

Joy asked him for something more. Austin replied with a sigh, declaring, “I don’t hate it.”

Austin eventually got around to telling his pregnant wife that her hair was “pretty.”

However, he stressed that he wanted it to be longer.

“Your dirty dog,” he teased her. Strange to say, they don’t live in the same world as us.

Oddly enough, he also shared that his father ruined the surprise. strange.

Fans were inundated with comments sympathizing with Joy. Austin (and his father) weren’t really giving her what she wanted.

That being said, it was Joy who edited and posted this video. Apparently, it wasn’t all that bad for her to share with her public.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/11/joy-anna-duggar-basically-haircut-shamed-by-austin-forsyth-i-want-it-longer/ Joy Anna Duggar basically got a haircut that put Austin Forsyth to shame: I wish it was longer!

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