Johnny Depp Is Dating His British Defamation Attorney Joel Rich: Report | Hollywood

Months after dating rumors surfaced with lawyer Camille Vazquez, new reports confirm the actor Johnny Depp is currently dating one of the UK defamation lawyers, Joelle Rich.There were earlier rumors that Johnny and Camille were dating after she represented him in a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife. Amber HurdHowever, Camille dismissed the rumors, adding that she was having an affair with someone else. (Also read | Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez reveals boyfriend’s reaction to dating rumors)

Us currently cites the following sources: It’s serious between them. they are real. According to reports, the duo “discreetly” met at a hotel during the early stages of their romance.

Joelle was not part of the legal team that represented him in the Amber Heard case, but was present in court in Virginia earlier this year. “There was no professional obligation for her to be there. It was personal,” a source said.Joel was reportedly married when he met Johnny. rice field. She is divorced from her husband with whom she shares two children.

In 2020, Joel was one of Johnny’s team of attorneys, representing him in a defamation action in the UK. Johnny was suing The Sun for a 2018 article that described him as a “his wife beater” while married to Amber. However, he lost the lawsuit.

Earlier this year, Johnny won a defamation lawsuit against Amber, who a jury found she defamed him in a 2018 Washington Post opinion piece alluding to being a victim of domestic violence. However, the jury also found that Johnny had defamed Amber through his lawyers while fighting back against her accusations.Camille was one of the lawyers in the case.

After the dating rumors, Camille responded by revealing that she is dating UK-based WeWork exec Edward Owen. She told her People magazine: It’s unfortunate that certain news outlets have run with it or said anything about their interactions with Johnny.Johnny is a friend, whom I have known and represented for four and a half years. My interaction was inappropriate in some way…or unprofessional. I am disappointed to hear that. “

https://www.hindustantimes.com/entertainment/hollywood/johnny-depp-is-dating-his-uk-libel-case-lawyer-joelle-rich-report-101663910472502.html Johnny Depp Is Dating His British Defamation Attorney Joel Rich: Report | Hollywood

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