‘John Wick’ star Keanu Reeves wants to play MCU’s Ghost Rider

John Wick Star Keanu Reeves has expressed interest in playing Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Keanu Reeves stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night to promote his new graphic novel series BRZRKRWhile there, Reeves was asked which Marvel character he would like to play given the chance. John Wick Star revealed that he has his sights set on Ghost Rider.

“A 10-year-old Reeves would love to do it. He probably wants to be a Ghost Rider,” Reeves admitted.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige makes no secret of it he met Keanu Reeves on several roles in the Avengers universe. The two have yet to find the right one, but that didn’t stop Reeves from praising the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I think it’s really amazing how the Marvel movies have evolved and what they’re all about, and it’s been great to be a part of that,” Reeves added.

However, Keanu Reeves isn’t the only Hollywood star who wants to play Ghost Rider in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Earlier this year, Ryan Gosling revealed he’s also interested in the roleA few weeks after his comments, Kevin Feige seemed enthusiastic To find the actor’s place in the MCU.

Johnny Blaze’s version of Ghost Rider was featured in two films starring Nicolas Cage, both of which received poor reviews from critics and audiences.Meanwhile, Ghost Rider also appeared Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD On ABC, Gabriel Luna plays Robbie Reyes, the incarnation of the iconic comic book character.

Stay tuned for the latest news on the future of Ghost Rider’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. YouTube channel for more content.

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