Joe Rogan claims his school has a litter box for girls who identify as cats

Did this mess happen?On his October 11 episode Joe Rogan Experience On a Spotify podcast, Logan claimed that the school had to install a toilet in the girls’ room because “there’s a hairy girl who identifies as an animal.” He went on to claim that “her mother badgered the school until the school agreed to put a toilet in her one of the stalls.” And in case you’re wondering what to do in the bathroom, Logan added, we got quite a bit of litter. Poop on it, it’s pretty awful. Logan then said: [expletive] toilet. Hygienic. it is much better. For example, do you want your house to smell like human pee? Well, if this was actually happening, you’d think the local health department would have a problem with such an arrangement.

So how did Logan find out about all this and what evidence did he provide to support this story? Apparently, according to Logan, “My friend, his wife is a schoolteacher. , she works at that school ”. However, Logan did not disclose the actual name of the person involved, the name of the school, or the location of the school. I did:

All Logan has left you is basically this is what happened at my friend’s wife’s school. Hmm, does that sound a bit like the claim Nicki Minaj made about a year ago that my cousin’s friend’s balls were swollen after getting the Covid-19 vaccine? i covered forbes Back in September 2021Minaj never actually identified the name of the person in possession of the testicles or made that person or his testicles available for interview, making that bold claim virtually impossible to verify.? Similarly, Logan’s story has to be taken in a toilet full of salt until he provides details that allow anyone to double-check what he actually said.

During the episode, Logan’s guest, Tulsi Gabbard, who served as a U.S. Representative for Hawaii’s 2nd congressional district from 2013 to 2021, described Logan’s catty story as actually questioning any allegations. In fact, later in the episode, Gabbard said, “There are no more boundaries,” to which Logan replied: School teachers and schools themselves should have said no to parents. ”

Speaking of no boundaries, these days podcasts, radio, television, social media, and other platforms offer little or no clear evidence of what powerful people and politicians can claim. There seems to be no boundary when not. Logan isn’t the only one to make such toilet claims. Many politicians seem to be littering the airwaves with such hairy claims. In fact, investigative reporter Tyler Kingcaid said, NBC News“This year, we compiled a thread of 20 politicians who falsely claimed that their school housed someone they identified as a cat and left a small box on campus. [sic],” in his words:

That thread included statements from US Rep. Lauren Boubert (R-Colorado), shown above, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican-Georgia), shown below. rice field.

School restrooms and hallway restrooms may violate health laws. But again, where is the evidence that such considerations are being made in schools. Where is the evidence that there is a “growing crisis” in schools of people identifying as cats using litter boxes in hallways?

From the Covid-19 pandemic to the obesity epidemic to mass shootings to pollution and climate change, there is no shortage of crises in America today. By itself, is this what lawmakers are talking about right now with taxpayer-assisted time? Again, where exactly is the evidence to support such devastating claims?

If you really think your school provides toilets and allows kids to throw trash in unsanitary ways, why not contact public health officials? and collect actual evidence. It must be too difficult to find out. Investigators can ask, “Is that the toilet?” If so, “What are you doing in the hallway?” Let science lead the way as to what to do. And if you really believe that all this has become a “crisis”, ask for an investigation into it. That way, enough data can be obtained to determine whether actual legislative action is needed, and even incorporated into the scientific literature.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2022/10/16/joe-rogan-claims-school-has-litter-box-for-girl-identifying-as-cat/ Joe Rogan claims his school has a litter box for girls who identify as cats

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