Joe Kiri released a new single “Change” before the solo album of the second year “Decide”

Djo – solo project c Strange things star Joe Kiri – has released “Change”, the latest single to be removed from the upcoming second album of the musician.

The song came out yesterday (June 22) and was Djo’s first release since the 2020 track, “Head up”. Prior to that, Djo debuted with the 2019 album, “TWENTY TWENTY”which followed Kira’s previous performance as a member of the disbanded group Post animals.

“Change” sees Djo continue the psychedelia “TWENTY TWENTY” by showcasing the pop-punk sound “Keep Your Head Up”. The upcoming second album titled “Decide” was produced by “TWENTY TWENTY” employee Adam Thein and is due out on September 16th. Listen to “Change” below:

A press release for “Decide” described the album as “a kind of auditory story of the late 20’s Kira … It shows reflections on growth, relationships and navigation around the world filled with technology at the center.”

“It’s [Djo’s] sound ambitions that accept these introspections and turn them into a distorted reality, with each multi-layered synthesizer pulling on the listener’s emotional strings, ”the statement said.

The release coincides with the recent premiere amazing things the fourth season in which Kira will reprise her role as Steve Harrington High School graduate. Together with Kira, his caste colleague Finn Wolford similarly ventured into music by releasing the 2018 EP “Scout” as part of the now disbanded group Calpurnia.

У four star review with “TWENTY TWENTY”, NMERhian Daly said the album proves “that Kira is a very high-level music that doesn’t need any other effort to get our attention.”

Meanwhile, Kate Bush“Running Up That Hill” continues to enjoy new success after the performance amazing things last season. Yesterday (June 22) Bush discussed a 1985 song that has remained at the top of the British singles chart for the second week in a row in an interview with BBC Radio 4 Women’s watch.

“I thought the track would get attention. But I just never imagined it would be something like that … The thought that all these really young people are hearing a song for the first time and discovering it, well, I think it’s very special, “Bush said.

Joe Kiri released a new single “Change” before the solo album of the second year “Decide”

Source link Joe Kiri released a new single “Change” before the solo album of the second year “Decide”

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