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Joe Biden79, and Jill Biden71, are two of the latest politicians to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth IIThe President and First Lady of the United States were photographed standing on the VIP balcony looking down on the deceased monarchCoffins at Westminster Hall on Sunday. The Commander-in-Chief placed his hand on his heart at one point and appeared to give a quick salute before continuing to walk through the historic halls.

Joe Biden, Jill Biden
Joe & Jill Biden at Westminster Hall. (Joe Giddens/AP/Shutterstock)

Joe wore a classic black and white suit and tie during the visit, while Jill wore a silky black outfit. I went to Lancaster House, where I signed a letter of condolence for Her Majesty’s family. Joe also spoke to reporters and said her Queen had “dignity” during her 70 years of service and that she reminded her of her own mother.

Joe Biden, Jill Biden
President Joe Biden signs condolences as Jill Biden watches over Lancaster House. (Susan Walsh/AP/Shutterstock)

“To all the people of England, and to all the people of Great Britain, we are so lucky that you were blessed with her. [The Queen] For 70 years we have all been. The world was better for her, we all were. ‘.”

“I’m talking about my mother and father. [they] She believed that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, no matter who they are, no matter what their position, or where they come from. [Her Majesty] The way she acted, the way she walked by the staff, the way she communicated. And I think what she gave, perhaps most of all, was the concept of service. “

“We all owe something. There are things in our abilities that can make not only the world better, but your neighborhood, your home, and your place of work.” and it was an honor to meet her.”

In addition to visits at Westminster Hall and Lancaster House, Joe and Jill will be attending Charles III and with other world leaders working royals At a reception at Buckingham Palace on Sunday evening. The same response as the Queen’s grandson, prince harryand wife Meghan Marklethey were not invited due to the fact that they were no longer working for the royal family. her state funeral on monday.

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