Jimmy Eat World Nears 30 on Newly Independent Path

Arizona alternative act Jimmy Eat World returned to the stage at Lollapalooza last summer after being forced to take a two-year hiatus amid early pandemic lockdowns. Tour dates with Dashboard Confessional and their own headlining tour took place earlier this year, and the group returned to Chicago this summer as part of Riot Fest, ahead of the festival’s performance on Sunday afternoon. performed an intimate Saturday night aftershow at Chicago’s Metro.

“It was great. It’s nice to be back. And I feel like people are excited about live music,” he said. jimmy eat world Drummer Zach Lind backstage before the group’s festival set. “It’s been amazing to get back to the normal rhythm of the tour, and it’s been really nice.”

Following the release of the latest studio album survivingJimmy Eat World announce their raucous new single “Something Loud‘ marks the first independent release of their career.

Singer-guitarist Jim Adkins said, “There’s not much difference” about how the group treats their business as an independent act today compared to when they were under a label. I learned early on as a band that the less we had to rely on outside presence, the better we were as a band. We’ve learned what makes for a better product if we keep going. There’s little difference between where there was and not having a label.”

With the rise of online streaming services like Spotify and the current major label release strategy focusing more and more on areas like TikTok, strong singles are more important than ever. For now, Jimmy Eat World will focus on singles as part of a new independent release strategy that reflects changing trends.

“We’re just experimenting with something different, trying to meet people about how they consume music, and we’ll see how it goes,” Adkins said. “We have another single coming out in October.Something Loud‘Before that. So we’re going to be putting out less consistently, but more often. “

After forming in 1993, the group burst into the mainstream after the release of their fourth studio album. breed american In 2001, the record reached platinum status thanks to such strong singles as “The Middle,” “A Praise Chorus,” and “Sweetness,” selling nearly two million copies in the United States.

their follow-up release futures Going gold, the group has released 10 studio albums to date and has successfully weathered the collapse of the major label system that began happening just as they were beginning to rise to prominence.

Unlike many 90s bands, Jimmy Eat World have never been forced to focus entirely on nostalgia, constantly releasing powerful and thoughtful new music.

At last week’s Riot Fest, the group played an hour-long performance in front of a large crowd, kicking off with a slew of hits “Futures,” “Pain,” and “Bleed American,” before moving on to a deeper cut. Pulled from the entire catalog. Like “Big Casino,” crowd surfers flooded toward the stage as the group closed out with “Sweetness” and “The Middle.”

Celebrating 30 years together next year, Jimmy Eat World remains in a great place as they embark on their newly independent path.

“We’re not on the casino circuit yet. We’re still putting out new stuff,” joked Adkins.

“Thirty years is a bit wild because it’s such a huge number. ‘ added Lind.

“Like Zach said, we like to acknowledge it because it’s kind of special. Not many people get to this point. We’re excited to offer something special to our fans who have been around for 30 years,” said Adkins. “Do I have to find a balance between how much I celebrate and how much I rely on it? Because I don’t want to rely on it.”

https://www.forbes.com/sites/jimryan1/2022/09/26/jimmy-eat-world-on-approaching-30-from-newly-independent-path/ Jimmy Eat World Nears 30 on Newly Independent Path

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