Jessa Duggar Insults Other Parents, Praises Her Own ‘Biblical Superior Motherhood’

Jessa Duggar shares a lot of what she thinks her wifely qualities.

Now she discusses her effectiveness as a parent.

Listening to Jessa, it’s her children’s fault that her house is messy. And her parenting style too.

But she says it’s a good thing…it insults other parents who, like her, don’t “raise” their children through “biblical parenting.”

Jessa Duggar is mad
Jessa Duggar has had enough of antics. And she slammed it heavily in her most recent comment on her YouTube video.

On social media, Jessa Duggar Seewald has secular parents, non-Christian religious parents, and even fellow Christian parents burst into laughter.

why? Because they don’t practice what she calls “biblical parenting.”

This week she discussed the general condition of the kitchen and home.

jessa dagger youtube still
This is a screen capture of a video uploaded to YouTube by Jessa Duggar in mid-2021.

“With four young children, honestly, sometimes it feels easier to do everything yourself,” admitted Jessa.

“It’s less mess, less time,” she explains, leaving me as an adult to just do the chores myself.

“And,” Jessa continued. “It took less effort to teach the process.”

Jessa introduces her family. (Photo via Instagram)

“But little kids tend to want to help out,” points out Jessa.

She’s not wrong there. There is a whole line of toys dedicated to providing kids with tools to “help” with basic chores.

“And these are opportunities to help them form positive habits,” Jessa continued.

Jessa Duggar on YouTube
Jessa Duggar rants about her beloved father for some reason here on YouTube.

So far so good, right? This is when Jessa’s caption changed.

She said parents can teach their children the habit of “seeking ways to help, bless and serve others.”

Being helpful is a great personality trait. Serving others personally, professionally, or spiritually Selection.

Jessa Duggar and three children
As of July 2021, Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have four children together.

“One practical way the older three like to work is by making treats for each other,” said Jessa.

She explains:

Due to Jessa’s cult upbringing and continued extreme fundamentalist views, she sees simple chores through a very particular lens.

Jessa Duggar has long hair
Jessa Duggar posted a selfie this week showing off her long hair. And fans think it was a subtle way she announced her pregnancy.

Jessa then quoted M is for Mama: Rebellion Against Mundane Motherhood By Abby Halberstadt.

“Learning to be useful begins at an early age, or at least it should…” began the quote.

Jessa continues:

Jesse Duggar, Michelle Duggar, Jim Bob Duggar
Counting On star Jessa Duggar sits down with villainous mother Michelle Duggar and father Jim Bob Duggar to discuss how children stay trapped inside the cult they were born into .

“It goes something like this,” read the quote.

jessa quotes quoted: “Cleaning with kids is torture. I could have done this much faster on my own. Throw them in front of some comics and sort this out.”

“Sometimes this is the only way to pick up a living room, especially with small children,” the quote admitted.

Jessa Duggar: Already Pregnant With Fourth Child?!

At least, “before our in-laws walk in the door, that’s fine.”

The quote continued: “But when it comes to our crutches, we’re in trouble.

“Good biblical motherhood recognizes that it’s important for my children to play and be little,” the quote continued.

Jana wears pants on Jessa's Instagram
Jana Duggar is wearing pants again. And this time, she’s making no effort to hide her bold sartorial statement from the world.

Jessa’s caption continued, “Avoiding the responsibility of teaching them skills and attitudes.”

These are “skills and attitudes that will serve them and others as they grow…”

Most of this makes sense, even if it’s structured in a very specific (fundamentalist, Protestant Christian) way.

Jessa Duggar wears pants
Jessa Duggar has decided to start wearing pants. And many fans believe the move constitutes a symbolic rejection of her father’s belief system.

Then it gets downright unsettling.

“Nurturing the next generation of helpers can feel like digging a root canal while gargling with rubbing alcohol in the beginning,” Jessa quoted.

The citation concludes with: to you! to others! — Diverse.

Jana, Jessa, Joy, Kids
Jana Duggar recently went through a terrible breakup. She now seems comfortable spending time with her family.

The words in that last part have some offensive connotations.

For some, “training” simply means “raising” a child. For others, it’s a euphemism for emotional and physical abuse.

But even ignoring that particular phrasing, it wasn’t Jessa’s own words after all.

Jessa and Ben
Photo via Instagram

Jessa’s suggestion seems to be that Protestant Christian parenting isn’t just her style, it’s the only one.

As a member of a fundamentalist cult, of course she knows that she feels her way is the only acceptable way.

It’s just rude to say that.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/10/jessa-duggar-insults-other-parents-praises-her-own-biblical-excellent-motherhood/ Jessa Duggar Insults Other Parents, Praises Her Own ‘Biblical Superior Motherhood’

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