Jennifer Lopez helps Latino entrepreneurs with $14 billion loan

Jennifer Lopez has pledged to help her community by providing $14 billion in loans and 6 million hours of financial training to 600,000 Latina entrepreneurs by 2030. This is all part of Grameen’s partnership with America, a non-profit microfinance organization. This isn’t the first time Jennifer has taken such an initiative. She is known for taking steps to support Latinx entrepreneurs, and has been successful in her own right. She previously announced that in 2021 she will partner with Goldman Sachs on a project titled “Limitless Labs” with the goal of improving the business of Latinx people by providing them with the resources they need. I did.

Speaking to Entrepreneur magazine, Jennifer explained her journey and reasons for joining these projects in the following words:

In front of Goldman Sachs, I know you did this for African-American female entrepreneurs. What about Latinas? Over the past decade, Latinx businesses have grown her 44%, while other businesses have grown her 4%. [demographics], but still 60% less likely to get a loan from a state bank. Overall, only 4% of women get loans from mainstream banks. We are getting her $1 for every $23. And obviously, it’s even lower for women of color. ”

she continued:

“Honestly, I don’t think we’ve had the opportunities that other people have had in this country. I was lucky to have everything I had. I think our culture has a little something to be grateful for. Instead, be grateful for what you have.

Speaking of the next generation of America, she said:

“This new generation is like, ‘Wait a minute… I’m part of the structure and the wealth and growth of this country. I’m contributing in a really meaningful way.’ .

And finally, she concluded:

“It has always been a pride for me to be Latino in this country. I am very excited to partner with Grameen America. It will create opportunity. This is America!”

https://celebrityinsider.org/jennifer-lopez-will-be-providing-help-to-latina-entrepreneurs-with-14-billion-in-loans-534609/ Jennifer Lopez helps Latino entrepreneurs with $14 billion loan

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