Jennifer Coolidge claims she had to go to the ER after getting a ‘White Lotus’ spray tan

The Emmy-winning actress went to the emergency department after developing an allergic reaction to spray tan for her role on the HBO series, she confessed in an interview with Allure.

She explained that she sprayed sunscreen on the White Lotus so it didn’t “look like a giant white marshmallow on a beach in Hawaii.” I was so sick when the plane landed that I had to go to the ER.

Coolidge, 61, said the incident “may have turned into normal makeup.” In between takes, I would go home and clean up. For additional background, Coolidge said he had only recently learned of a particular type of allergy that caused a severe reaction.

To be honest, she admitted that she was never a “particularly ingredient conscious” person. I always had teary eyes and never thought it might be because of my eye makeup.

The legally blonde star, who won her first Emmy last week, spoke with Variety last month about playing Tanya McCoid on the HBO series. Some work, I’m kind of like, wow, this isn’t worth working on.” I used to stay up late every night reading what Mike White wrote.

Looking back on her life, she said, “There is one thing I did well.” My friend group is great. White Lotus would be one of the best things to me, even if Mike didn’t make it, even if it ran in a small theater where the audience paid $10 each. For the simple reason that it was a dream job that no one else thought I could do.

https://celebrityinsider.org/jennifer-coolidge-claims-she-had-to-go-to-the-er-after-getting-a-white-lotus-spray-tan-533261/ Jennifer Coolidge claims she had to go to the ER after getting a ‘White Lotus’ spray tan

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