Jaya Bachchan Reveals Granddaughter Navya Nanda’s Lies, Remembers When She Was Caught Red-handed

Shweta Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan had a good time navya naveri nandaThe cost of the latest episode of What the Hell Navya podcast.Granddaughter Navya Amitabh Bachchan, hosts a podcast with her mother and grandmother. The trio also discuss their lives as public figures, and their relationships with each other.

In the third episode, Shweta and Jaya reveal that Navya is the “biggest liar” and teases about “stupid things”, so she never lies. I always get caught,” he said.

She recalled a story about Navya and her brother Agastya going to a Christmas party years ago and lying to her when she got home. “Once upon a time, Delhi, Agastya and Navya went to a party a few years ago. So I called and said, “Where are you?” And Navya said, “We just got home.” They were still at a party in a farm area in Delhi about an hour away. And Agastya said, ‘Mother, did you think you were stupid?

Jaya reveals that Amitabh did not allow the children to go out. I was allowed until the curfew time.

She then recalled her story of catching Navya red-handed. She said, “Navia’s gone. And she won’t sleep until the kids come home. I stay awake. I can walk in the dark. So it was really late. I asked the guardsnavya baby agae‘ they said, ‘Nahi, magar unka security aagaya‘I was worried and I would never do that, but I called her. “Navia, where are you?” I said. She said she was in her own room. So I got out of bed, closed the door and went outside.

Nabija said, “It was bad. It was a very awkward situation.” Nabija said she has not interested in participating in the film industryInstead, she is one of the co-founders of Aara Health and Project Naveli, an organization described as “a safe, non-judgmental, and trusted virtual healthcare platform for women,” through which she plans to “fight” gender inequality in the region. of education, financial independence, mental and physical health, and domestic violence.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/bollywood/jaya-bachchan-reveals-granddaughter-navya-nandas-lies-remembers-when-she-caught-her-red-handed/ Jaya Bachchan Reveals Granddaughter Navya Nanda’s Lies, Remembers When She Was Caught Red-handed

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