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looks like Paris Jackson When Janet Jackson left tensions between them in the past. Her niece and aunt duo posed for a photo Janet shared on her Instagram feed on Oct. 7, and Janet had a big smile on her face during the shoot. family reunion“So nice to catch up with my beautiful niece @parisjackson,” she captioned the photo.

They both sat on animal-print couches at a crowded Paris Fashion Week event. Janet, 56, paired a white button-down and dark gray blazer for the reunion, with a dark gray tie and white pocket square. Worn, 24-year-old Paris wore a sexy nude slip dress, race details and thigh high boots. She had her dirty blonde hair parted down the middle and lightly curled, her aunt rocking. towering updo Decorated with red, white and blue hair ribbons.

middle child in later life Michael jackson And his sister was embroiled in years of feud rumors after his sudden death in 2009, and their inability to make public appearances together fueled them. She is reported to have fought several times over the years, including a semi-public incident in front of Paris and her two brothers’ parents’ home in Calabasas, California. daily mail, Janet attempted to “ambush” the family’s home due to problems over Michael’s will, and attempted to snatch Paris’ phone from her hands. Additionally, the publication reported that police were called because of the disturbance. The family has not spoken publicly about this instance.

Then in 2018, it seems Paris wasn’t invited 2018 Billboard Music AwardsAt , Janet won the Billboard Icon Award and performed a medley of hits from her career. The up-and-coming singer addressed the snub on her Instagram account at the time. “Nobody in my administration contacted me about my Billboard entry or awards.No one in my family contacted me. I did,” she wrote on her Instagram story. peoplethe day after her brother, prince jacksonwas seen supporting Janet at an event without her.

Janet Jackson Paris Jackson
The disagreements between Janet Jackson (left) and Paris Jackson (left center) reportedly began shortly after Michael Jackson’s death in 2009. (Photo: Shutterstock)

She also seems to be working on it for years feud rumors Let’s do this one last time. “Things are as amazingly smart as they can be, but it’s no one’s business, it’s ours. Considering you’ve watched us grow, it’s kind of connected from our lives.” “I understand that some people feel that they need to break up,” she wrote in a follow-up message to her fans. And I’m happy to keep it that way. I will always have love and respect for my family. Always.”

She said, “In every family there are moments of trauma, heartbreak, breakups, love, togetherness, tribes, pain, everything. Every family. Specifically, my family, and quite a few others. … Well, our drama is being broadcast all over the world through the media. But that doesn’t mean our family issues are a little different than yours. .”

Since then, Paris has kept her in the spotlight eye-catching fashion choice and budding music careerIn fact, she recently caused controversy reveal her nipples Pierced through a translucent lace shirt she wore earlier this week. Instagram reel There was a sound that should have come from the nipple. “Can’t run away, can’t get out. Mommy?” sounds as Paris marvels at her nipples talking to her. She also included the text in the video, “My nipple piercing wanted another appearance after everyone got so mad last time.”

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