Jane Evans is shocked: health problems are more serious than she thought

Former ‘Teen momStar Janel Evans reveals to her followers on social media shocking news about her health. The last few months Janelle has been busy visiting doctor for doctor because of the long list of health problems.

Both Janelle Evans and her husband David Isan asked their supporters and followers on social media for prayer. Evans admitted that her health problems were real, so real that a few days even kept her bedridden.

Janelle now shows her followers that things could be even more serious than she originally thought. Now among the long list of health problems Evans suffered from, including spinal cysts, fatigue and daily pain.

Fearing the worst

“Ever since she told me this, yes, I’ve gone a lot crazy in my head. I cried a lot.“I cried, for example, every night alone.

“But we’re reworking all my blood tests, we’re reworking my nerve research. Next week I have to go through another nerve test because it checks for other diseases. She continued, “She referred me to a neurosurgeon about a cyst in my head and a cyst of my spine, so we’ll check it out in March.

“She also asked me to see a lung doctor because it’s hard for me to breathe and breathe and I’m not sick.

“Since I have cysts everywhere, my doctor wants to check my lungs for cysts too. My hands were shaking a lot and my thumb was almost completely gone on my left hand.

Janelle concluded, “I hope to get answers soon.”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Janelle Evans received mixed reactions from fans to the terrible news

Fans immediately began flooding Janel Evans ’social media pages with a variety of comments. Some wished Janelle good, while others took the opportunity to shake up the former MTV star.

One fan asks, “Yeah !!! Why do they suspect ALS? It’s scary! pray for you! ”

Janelle said: “My stomach feels like I was doing crunch belly while sitting.”

Another commenter said: “I pray the most in the world that you don’t have ALS, my dad died of it in 2014. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.”

Another writes, “Can anyone make a PowerPoint presentation of all the illnesses and symptoms she has claimed for years.”

David and Janelle ask for prayers

As previously reported Hollywood News DailyJanelle was face these medical problems for quite some time. However, some find it hard to believe that everything is as serious as Evans suggests, which is based on the number of twerking and dance videos posted on her TikTok account.

Do you think that Jane Evans has serious health problems or wants to attract the attention of social networks?


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Jane Evans is shocked: health problems are more serious than she thought

Source link Jane Evans is shocked: health problems are more serious than she thought

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