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Jaden Smith and Sub Zada ​​were spotted cozily enjoying Valentine’s Day in the happiest place on Earth, five months after they first sparked romantic rumors.

It looks like that Jaden Smith, 23 years old, had a very romantic Valentine’s Day! The rapper was spotted look happier than ever with his new girlfriend Sub Zada while walking around Disneyland on a special holiday of love. The lovers were not afraid to brag about the CCP, spending time in the happiest place on Earth, and it was nice to see.

Jaden wore a multicolored top with patterned buttons, a matching blazer and black pants with white sneakers during a fun walk, and his beloved lady wore a dark pink sleeveless top with light pink sleeves on her arms, light pink pants and light pink pants. They also wore masks that matched their clothes, including black for him and light pink for her.

Jaden Smith at the previous event. (Broadimage / Shutterstock)

During the departure Jaden and Sub were spotted holding hands and walking, and at some point, son with Will Smith even kept his hand on the beauty’s back. They were also spotted together taking selfies with the phone, making funny faces, including kissing faces on themselves.

Jaden and Saba’s last vacation came after they were first seen together on a date at a movie in September. They held hands, and there were rumors that they might be more than just friends. They have never confirmed their romantic status, but these latest photos seem to prove that everything between them is true!

Jade Smith
Jaden Smith during the previous release. (ASTRO / MEGA)

If Jaden doesn’t like Sub, he’s busy showcasing epic shots of himself at various events and photo shoots on his Instagram page. Recently, the man shared photos in which he is dressed jacket and neon pants while going to an event. He also posed on a grassy field with mountains behind in the same outfit, looking down at what looked like his phone. “Mystical,” he deftly wrote in his signature to the post.

Jaden Smith & GF Sab Zada ​​Pack at the PDA at Disneyland – photos – Hollywood life

Source link Jaden Smith & GF Sab Zada ​​Pack at the PDA at Disneyland – photos – Hollywood life

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