Jacob Batalon wants to make vampires friendly again in ‘Reginald the Vampire’

Vampires are pretty popular.from a show like true blood When the vampire diaries in movies such as Morbius, day shiftand Marvel’s upcoming blade With the reboot, viewers are loving something essential about these blood-sucking fantasy creatures.

But a very important part of vampires in popular media is their portrayal as mysterious, charming, and romantic. exceptionJacob Batalon Watches His New Show Reginald the Vampire It stands out by showing vampires in a very different light. So vampires are normal this time around.

In this series, Reginald is an ordinary person who struggles with everyday dilemmas, from work to love, before turning into a vampire. , the show maintains him as a relatable average guy who we can all see a part of ourselves in.

“I think what makes [Reginald] He is so relatable because he faces all the human things that we all face. “The difficulty of not finding your purpose in life or your first love, or finding a real, solid friend in your corner,” Batalon said. It embodies everything I’ve felt and felt insecure in. You know, it’s like a human story.

This is Batalon’s first major role in the world of television after breaking out from several highly successful films. He also specifically notes that he is chatting with Johnny B. Trant, the author of the book on which this series is based.

“He said he wasn’t actually portraying me as the lead in the show. But obviously he was very grateful that I was able to be a part of it. It was really nice of him to tell me,” said Batalon. I think.”

I recently had the opportunity to speak more with Jacob Batalon about playing Reginald, moving between television and film, and what audiences hope to get out of this series.

Below is a summary of our conversation, edited for length and clarity.

Anhar Karim: So vampire media is pretty popular. It’s all over the place in movies and TV. So what’s new here? What do you think has been added that we haven’t seen yet?

Jacob Batalon: The human side. You know, I think all of these shows are very good, but I don’t think they’re really based in any kind of reality. I think.

And we’re actually making fun of vampires. I don’t think we are in love with that romanticism. We are very mindful of that. So I think people will probably find it more refreshing. And I think seeing me as the protagonist, the vampire, changes the way you look at stories and what it means to be a vampire.

AK: You said this is a vampire story, but it’s also a very human story. So if you had to give a quick recap of the series without mentioning vampires, what would you say?

JB: I think it follows Reginald’s true journey. I think he’s relatable because he’s faced with all the human things that we all face. The difficulty of not finding your purpose in life or your first love, or finding a real, solid friend in your corner. And what does it mean to live in this world, this universe? And only to understand the meaning of life.

I think it’s a very beautiful journey to see because Reginald is such an everyday person. It’s literally—I think he’s everything. It’s like a human story.

AK: Given that this is based on a book series that has a fanbase, what’s new compared to the books? Changes

JB: I mean, in a practical sense, he doesn’t work — because by the book he sells fitness equipment. And a love interest like him, so to speak, what we have is an amalgamation of the two characters in the book. But for the most part, I think the first book was the blueprint for the show as a whole. And the kinds of tropes you see in the show are definitely not in the books, per se.

AK: I also understand that the author, Johnny Truant, was involved at some point on the set. Did you have an interesting conversation with him about what you make here?

JB: Look, Johnny is an amazing person. He is very smart and very thoughtful. And I think for the most part, we just talked about his life, and you know, for him, I think it was kind of the first time his book was a show. So I think he was on this train of, “Wow, I can’t believe I’m here, and I can’t believe this is happening after so many years.” He actually got in the background in one of the scenes.So if someone can find him it would be a great game [laughs].

But yeah, he was a really great guy. You know, he said he wasn’t actually portraying me as the main character in the show. But obviously he’s very grateful that I was able to be a part of it, and that was really sweet of him to tell me. I am very happy. Again, I think he’s a really great guy.

AK: You’ve just done a lot of film work. And I think this is your first major role on the television side. What are some interesting things you’ve noticed while moving between the two mediums?

JB: Means the hard work that goes into television. You know, I think we’re like a page or two at most in a big-budget movie. All that’s left is to set the action scene. So there is a lot of it. But for television, that’s equivalent to 12 pages every day. And everyone says at least like 50 lines.And you’re like, ‘Damn, I really have to get this together. I think it’s something I wasn’t really prepared for [laughs]But I forced myself to go into that mode.

AK: Which do you prefer, film or television?

JB: I’d say TV. i love playingSo I guess I have to sit around 20 hours… I hate that [laughs]But overall I think it’s difficult. I mean, I have a deep love for performance, so I can’t choose specifically.But I think movies make the most money [laughs].

AK: [Laughs] perfectly fair. So finally, what are fans most looking forward to about this show?

JB: I’m really excited to see fans take a very different take on vampires. Against the backdrop of being a vampire, I’m really excited to see people react to the idea of ​​seeing a human being experience something very human. I know that And I’ve seen all sorts of things. And I think it’s thoughtful, deep, dramatic, and sad, in addition to being like a lighthearted show.

And it’s a very nice show neatly compressed into a really great 10-episode series.

new episodes of Reginald the Vampire It premieres every Wednesday on SYFY. The show stars Jacob Batalon, Mandela Van Peebles, Em Hein and was created by Harley Payton.

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