Iyanna McNeely: Love Is Blind Star Shouts On Camera After Finalizing Divorce With Jarrett Jones

the most recent season love is blind saw 2 Couples exchange vows in season finaleand when the cast reconvened for the reunion show, both We were still married!

But hopefully those newlyweds were keeping an eye on the cast that came before them. No He was kind to the couple who said yes in LiB Season 2.

In just two weeks, fans Yanna McNeely and Jarrett Jonesand Danielle Rule and Nick Thompson called it quits.

And yesterday, Yyanna provided a heartbreaking update about her breakup with Jarrett.

Yanna McNeely and Jarrett Jones got married in Love Is Blind. Sadly, less than a year later, they filed for divorce. (Photo via Netflix)

On TikTok, the reality star turned podcast host opened up about her feelings after finalizing her divorce.

“It’s official. Divorce is really kind of heartbreaking. As much as people laugh at how long we’ve been married, my expectations come true, my hopes come true, I think the hard work became real and the tears became real,” a tearful McNeely told her followers.

“So I’m so hopeful and with so little luggage, I’m crying for a girl from the early days of this marriage,” Yyanna added.


i love that guy Of course, I can only speak about my experience. I hope Jarrett becomes truly vulnerable among the people he loves. I think I can share more about my marriage on my podcast as I continue to process it, but for now I wanted to share it with anyone who might be in a relationship. For others going through it, it’s okay. All experiences were aimed at teaching, pruning and stretching. Embrace.

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“I’m crying over the marriage I thought would work,” she continued.

“I’m crying for that man I believed in. The man he convinced me was at the beginning and in between all the shoots he was so scheduled for,” McNeely concluded. .

“There were good moments there, there was a connection. Then the camera went away and I hit a wall.”

Iyanna elaborated on her feelings in the caption of her video.

“I love that guy. Of course, I can only speak about my experience and hope that Jarrett will be truly vulnerable among his loved ones,” she wrote, adding that Jarrett and He added that they spent many “good moments” together.

“I don’t regret it, but instead I’m learning from it. … For those going through a divorce, breakup, or general grief, that’s fine,” Iyanna continued.

love is blind season 2 cast
The cast of Love Is Blind Season 2. I have experienced quite a few ups and downs. (Photo via Netflix)

“It’s good to feel, it’s good to process, it’s good to rely on someone close to you. The whole experience was meant to teach, trim, stretch. Hold me.”

Yyanna and Jarrett first revealed their plans to separate over the summer.

McNeilly and Jones released a joint statement on Instagram in August, saying, “After much consideration, we are separating and we are sad to announce that we are beginning the divorce process.

Iyanna and Jarrette from Love Is Blind. (Photo via Netflix)

“We love each other, but our lives have gone in different directions and that’s okay. Coming to this decision was never an easy one.

“I hope you all can give us some space as we close out this chapter of our lives. Thank you to the Love Is Blind family and Netflix for this unforgettable opportunity and support.”

The two filed for divorce that same week, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for their separation.

Jarrett opened up about his feelings in a recent interview on the Gentlemen’s Lounge podcast.

“32 years has been a year of many lessons learned. I never question God’s handling of things, but instead follow the path God has laid out before me,” he said last month. Told.

“I wish my 33rd year to be filled with happiness, prosperity, love and most of all, growth.”

We hope that both Iyanna and Jarrette find the happiness they deserve soon.

https://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2022/12/iyanna-mcneely-love-is-blind-star-cries-on-camera-after-finalizing-divorce-from-jarrett-jones/ Iyanna McNeely: Love Is Blind Star Shouts On Camera After Finalizing Divorce With Jarrett Jones

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