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The Indian-French co-produced Gujarati film Chhello Show directed by Pan Narin has been selected as India’s official entry for the 2023 Oscars. According to his TP Aggarwal, Chairman of the Indian Film Federation (FFI), Chhello Show was unanimously chosen over films like his SS Rajamouli. RRR, Ranbir Kapoor-led Brahmastra, Badarai Do starring Rajkumar Rao-Bumi Pednekar, and R. Madhavan’s directorial debut Loketry: The Nambi Effect is a universal appeal for its storytelling techniques and its themes. Against. There were 13 of his films on this year’s shortlist.

Our only parameter is that the film touches your heart: FFI Selection Committee

The Cello Show (or The Last Film Show in English) is set against the backdrop of Indian cinemas witnessing the transition from celluloid to digital. The film follows Samei, a 9-year-old boy whose life is turned upside down after he sees the movie for the first time in a cinema. Filmmaker TS Nagabarana, who chaired the selection committee for India’s official entry to the Oscars, said: It was a unanimous decision. This movie is about a child’s innocence and his dreams. He gives us hope that if we chase our dreams, they will come true. The idea of ​​this movie has universal appeal and can be applied to any child in the world. I loved how the film begins innovatively and ends with hope. Six of his 13 films considered were in Hindi and all were good films. ”

The Chhello Show was among 13 nominees last year as well. So why wasn’t that movie selected? TS Nagabarana said, “Last year, the film was under consideration, but had not been publicly screened until then. This is one of the selection criteria. This year, the film has been screened and will be released soon.” What are the parameters the judges look for when choosing films? “The only condition is that the film must touch our hearts.”

Pan Narin

Now I can believe in a film that breathes, entertains, inspires and enlightens: Pan Narin

After the announcement, director Pan Narin, who previously directed films such as Samsara, Angry Indian Goddess and Valley of Flowers, was invited to the Academy this year, said: But there was a pain in my heart how could I make India discover it. Thank you for believing in the Chello Show. Now I can believe in movies that breathe again, entertain, inspire and enlighten. ”

The film had its world premiere at last year’s Tribeca Festival. It won the Golden Spike at the 66th Valladolid Film Festival in Spain and the Audience Award in the World Cinema category at the Mill Valley Film Festival.

Dia Momaya

We had the best technical team to help us compete with the rest of the world cinema: DHEER MOMAYA

Film producer Dheer Momaya, who has been working on the film for five years, said he would have entered the mainstream category as well if it had not been selected for India’s official Oscar entry. he said: This is the first time a prominent global studio has acquired distribution rights to an Indian film. The US has the highest number of voting members for the Academy after the distributors in both countries acquired our film. I know how to navigate my way to the Oscars. It’s a long fight and it won’t be easy. Being selected as an Oscar entry isn’t a win, it’s just the beginning. It definitely helps to get into movies that don’t have famous Bollywood actors or teams.We are already working with foreign distributors. At the same time, Momaya adds: With multiple Oscar-winning films such as Life of Pi, sound designer Gilles Bernadeau, and DI colorist Kevin Le Dortz, who have worked on many Oscar-, César-, and Cannes-winning films, we have brought cinema and technology to the rest of the world. can build strong relationships. ”

On social media, the film has been compared to Cinema Paradiso (1988), about the friendship between a boy and a projectionist. Dheer says: To say that both movies are the same is like saying that all spy movies or all action movies are the same. is. ”

It is a great pride for us to represent India in this film, says Siddharth Roy Kapoor

Siddharth Roy Kapoor, whose film will be released in India, said in a statement: When the pandemic has disrupted movie viewing around the world, audiences are reminded of the first time they fell in love with cinema.

The experience of watching a movie in a dark cinema. It is a great honor for us to represent our country in this film, and with the support of our partners, we will ensure that we are able to give you the best shot at the Academy Awards.”

Deciphering the selection process

FFI President TP Aggarwal said: The Federation of Indian Films (FFI) has notified all producer associations to submit their films, the producers will notify their members and the films will be submitted. Members of the selection committee then vote and decide which films are sent from India as Oscar entries. This year, his 17 members of the jury unanimously voted him out of 13 films for The Cello Show.

oscar nominee

It’s not the end of Oscar Road for RRR

RRR was one of the hottest contenders for India’s official Oscar entry this year, and the foreign press named it as the frontrunner in the International Feature Film and Best Song categories. But filmmaker TS Nagabarana, who chaired the selection committee for India’s official entry to the Oscars, said: It doesn’t mean it has to be just an Oscar (entry). While it may fall out of the international feature film competition, RRR’s U.S. distributor has reportedly launched a full awards campaign, with the film winning Best Picture, Best Director (SS Rajamouli). , Best Original Screenplay (Rajamouli and V Vijayendra Prasad), Best Actor (NT Rama Rao Jr and Ram Charan), Best Supporting Actor (Ajay Devgn), Best Supporting Actress (Alia Bhatt), and other categories.

Indian Official Oscars 2023 Films Submitted for Entry Consideration

Iravin Nizal (Tamil)

● Rocketry : The Nambi Effect (Hindi)

● Aliyip (Malayalam)

● Kashmir File (Hindi)

● Badayid (Hindi)

● RRR (Telugu)

●Jundo (Hindi)

● Cello Show (Gujarati)

● Brahmastra (Hindi)

● Staram (Telugu)

● Aparahito (Bengali)

● Anek (Hindi)

● Semhole (Dimasa)

Candidates for 2023

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