Is Roca a real mahogany tree? Even Ben Rathbone knows something is wrong

On last episode from 90-day groom: up to 90 daysBen Rathbone had a long-overdue enlightenment.

Mahogany is not who she was. He could no longer deny it.

Do you know what it is? Growth.

But how fake is mahogany? It’s there anything really about her?

Earlier this season, Ben Rathbone was extremely confident that mahogany was real.

He and the 24-year-old Peruvian apparently had each other in mind, thanks to their common Christian beliefs.

Ben tried to date age-appropriate women in America only to find that they didn’t want to marry him to have sex.

Ben Rathbone shows his friends a perfectly legitimate video of mahogany

Ben and Mahogany had never spoken in video chats, and it seems he was the only person who couldn’t see that Mahogany’s photos were fake.

The intense use of filters and other editing software has turned her into a caricature of a young woman with truly inhuman dimensions.

Ben, as an elderly man who spent decades of his life in a restrictive sect, was not as smart in this as … literally everyone else in his life.

Jessica to Ben Rathbone - it doesn’t add up

Ben ignored the warnings of his friends and family.

Part of his confidence seemed to be due not to Mahagoni’s deception, but to his beliefs.

Ben was so drawn to Mahogany (just a few months later) that he was convinced that God could not deceive him.

super filtered photo of Mahogany Rock

A real conversation? Leaving a cult does not always mean that he leaves you, and we do not mean the fact that he is a Christian.

People who grow up in extreme, restrictive conditions need to rationalize their desires and frame them in the “right” context.

In this case, it means that Ben doesn’t allow himself to just be horny for a hot young woman – for him the feeling that thirst means he wants to marry her.

a reminder of what

Although Ben admitted to “lending” Mahogany $ 1,000, he seemed to be sure she wasn’t using it for money.

It would seem that this confidence did not waver, even as she tried to stop him from flying to Peru to her.

She claimed that her father was worried about the relationship, which made Ben feel hurt … but no less determined.

Ben Rathbone writes texts from mahogany for lunch

When he told her he would come anyway, Mahogany called him a ghost for a while.

No answers to the texts. She also certainly didn’t show up to meet him at the airport.

It was only after he told her he was going to wait for her at a restaurant in her hometown that she finally showed up.

Ben Ratbun awkwardly hugs Mahogany Rock good night

The mahogany didn’t quite look like her photo.

Cheerfully she commented that Ben was also not what she had imagined.

She told the cameras and even Ben that he looked smaller than he seemed on his models (because that’s how muscles work).

Mahogany Rock - it was a little smaller

Despite their mutual surprise, seeing the other, they both met the next day.

They had a beautiful romantic moment, thanks to a drone camera, when they approached each other and hugged on the beach.

Then they sat down to eat and, forcing him to try ceviche, they had a real conversation. Well, really.

Ben Rathbone meets Mahogany Rock

Mahogany claimed she got cold because of her father.

(Actually, Ben asked if it was because of her father, and she agreed … which is very similar to telling him what he expects to hear)

She claimed her father asked her many questions about Ben and his intentions.

Mahogany Rock - I was scared

Ben stunned Mahogany by inviting himself to meet her parents that night.

Perhaps not being able to come up with an excuse in time, she agreed.

This led to her showing Ben the most fake, most uninhabited apartment that has ever appeared on this show.

Mahogany Roca - do you want to come to our house?

Perhaps it was AirBnB, as many fans quickly suspected.

Maybe someone lent Mahogany their apartment and tried to erase all traces – photos, personal decor or something – before his arrival.

Whatever happened, it seems Mahogany’s parents were willing to play up their daughter’s story.

Jose and Sylvia - today we will meet with Ben

These people are very clearly the parents of Mahogany (the resemblance is obvious), so there is no doubt about it.

Interestingly, Ben was sure she was living with her parents. Only now did he learn that she was not.

And Ben had to learn.

Sylvia Roca - despite being 22 years old

Although Mahogany played the translator, Ben learned enough Spanish to hear Mahogany’s age.

She was 22, not 24 as he thought.

The difference is two years, but it’s nothing, even if he behaved as if it was a translation error.

Ben Rathbone learns that Mahogany's parents do not live there

True, Ben said in the cell, Mahogany told him she was 23 when they first talked and he congratulated her on her 24th birthday.

It was a lie. Even hethe most naive man for all this season, could say that the apartment is also a lie.

And that was not all.

Ben Ratbun is all pretty weird

Ben noted that in the revelations that night everything was “amazing”.

And although he had no problem dating a 24-year-old girl, his own 22-year-old daughter.

So far he has rationalized a lot, and now he needs to do more.

Photo of Roca mahogany on Facebook

The funny thing is that we are here THG in fact it was reported about Mahogany that she was 22 rather than 24 weeks before airing.

This is because we found a real Facebook account full of (modified) mahogany photos.

So she didn’t filter herself beyond recognition just for Ben. That’s how she is on social networks.

Ben Ratbun and Mahogany Rock on Reddit (February 2022)

Regardless of the extent of her lies and falsehoods, and no matter how horrible (not predatory, but just awful) Ben’s interest in marrying her, this was apparently not a breach of the deal.

In February 2022 (many months after the shooting) the two were spotted together at a shopping mall in Lima, Peru, even photographed by fans of the show.

There were no cameras, but that doesn’t mean they don’t shoot again. This mess is not over.

Is Roca a real mahogany tree? Even Ben Rathbone knows something is wrong

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