Is Damon a master strategist or just gross?

last night House of the Dragon, things got weird because they tend to do it in certain corners of Westeros. It felt a little different this time.

Spoiler follows.

yes game of thrones teeth The series, which kicked off its first episode with a sex scene between twin brothers, and its final sweeping love story, was between a man and his aunt. And when John slept with Danny, John’s past was a mystery and they didn’t know they were related.

But here we have a character we’re all very rooting for, Rhaenyra, and Daemon, who also has his own fan base and juvenile, and was uncomfortable to watch.

Of course, I’m talking about Dameon sneaking Raenira out of the castle, getting her drunk, and hooking up with her in the house of pleasures, not to the point of actually having sex with her, but later She’s referring to the sequence in which she ends up sleeping with a handsome girlfriend. King’s Guardsman. She met Rhaenyra at 15, but the show makes it addition It’s been 4 years since I cleared this episode, and I’m over 19 (actress is 22). into the It is he who connects and disconnects with the demons of the time. Still, still, uh.

The questions that followed were mostly about the daemons themselves. Was this a sign of his reckless abandonment, the type we saw last week of sprinting among hundreds of archers to anger his brothers rather than accepting help, or was this the throne Was it a calculated play for? I lean towards the latter.

Damon’s plan is to tarnish his niece’s reputation in order to make her unattractive to suitors, and instead force and maintain choices such as the idea that she should marry him. I believe it was to cement Targaryen’s hold on the throne. very in the family.

Indeed, I think it’s possible that Daemon is just a weirdo who wanted to make up with his niece. whole view With dozens of potential witnesses, I believe this was the plan from the beginning.Somehow he knew it would become a rumor circulating around her. actually What they did was already enough to get the job done, so have sex with her. Therefore, in all scenes of the previous play, he speaks of the importance of the opinion of the common people. Also, we see the same kid later with Misalia, so I assume he paid the kid to go talk to Otto. I think she could have done it herself, but I doubt it.

This plan gets a little muddy the next day when a hungover demon essentially spells this out for the king, saying they should get married, but of course, Viserys refuses.But even after admitting essentially everything to Viserys, he yet This does not punish his brother in any meaningful way, as one can imagine this would be the cause of execution in other royal families.

For now, Rhaenyra has actually solved this problem. Clearly in a compromising position, she agreed to marry the son of a sea snake, and in the process fired the man who reported this rumor, Otto Hightower, as Hand of the King. Yes, and if you think that Raenira is about to have a happy ending where Laenira cements her hold on a major alliance and Daemon is content to be banished, then perhaps something else happens. Surely he has a plan. I think, but that disturbing night out was a big part of it.

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2022/09/12/house-of-the-dragon-is-daemon-a-master-strategist-or-just-gross/ Is Damon a master strategist or just gross?

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