Inside the Royal World of Unflappable Princess Anne

“Her advice on life in general was invaluable. Whenever we were a short distance from the station, she would be the first to bring us back to Earth,” said Tyndale. said.

“When she’s in an environment of people she knows, whether it’s her organization, her family, or her friends, she’s definitely more relaxed, a lot more fun, and the one who always laughs the loudest. is.

“She loves a good dance,” said Zara. “She has good legs.”

Zara was named BBC Sports Competitor of the Year in 2006, 35 years after her mother was similarly honored, and competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

“Her father was a successful equestrian and won many medals. [than I]said Anne vanity fair“So I kind of wonder if the two parents who were in that situation helped. She was very successful because she was so meticulous and dedicated to it.”

All of my grandchildren also love horses, and Ann said, “Certainly, when they started riding, I had an extra hand.

(First published at 3:00 AM PT on October 1, 2018. Updated December 4, 2019 at 9:40 AM PT)

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