Inside One Woman’s Veneer Journey

in the first verse of lil baby The song “Awesome,” he declares. “It’s not big, cheap teeth. It’s a shame,” the rapper refers to porcelain veneers, tooth coverings that have become very popular over the past few years. Common on social media. No matter what else the timeline renders, the veneer now appears like a celebrity status his symbol.

Why are veneers so popular now? Read here for instructions.

Applied in a nearly century-old procedure, veneers were once a strictly customized experience, taking into account a patient’s existing teeth, mouth shape and size, lifestyle, and even skin tone.Today. , there was a shift. When you think about adjusting your teeth, the image that comes to mind might be that the neon white covering is too big for your mouth. Some people refer to veneers as “chicklets”, referring to the square shape of chewing gum that is so widely known.

“After researching this procedure, and specifically dentists capable of performing it, the clear choices were: Apa Esthetic in L.A.

He’s not the only one discouraging it. dentist With decades of experience, also warns against recent trends in unconventional and sometimes dangerous cosmetic dentistry. Among them are Pasha Hakimzadeh, DDS for his Apa Aesthetic in Los Angeles, and Ben Reyhani, his DDS.

After improving the smiles of celebrities such as Nina Parker, Kristen Noel Crowley Hakimzadeh and Reyhani remain focused on creating a 100% personalized and natural smile.

“The problem is Social media Hakimzadeh talks about the idea that a veneer should imitate someone else’s smile. “Other people’s teeth may not look good on you, even if they look similar. But it’s very difficult to explain that to some patients.”

Talkin' Teeth: Inside One Woman's Veneer Journey
Blake Newby before and after photos.

Also, many people seem convinced that installing veneers means that most of their natural teeth must be ground down. it’s not. “A veneer is a piece of porcelain the thickness of a contact lens,” Hakimzadeh explains. So where does the idea that you have to cut your teeth come from? Perhaps it actually refers to the crown. It can also be made out of porcelain, but it requires a very different process.

“It wasn’t that I didn’t like my teeth, nor did they need to be adjusted.”

“The difference between a veneer and a crown is that a veneer generally only covers the surface and maintains most of the structure of your tooth,” Hakimzadeh explains. “If you watch these videos and your teeth are bumpy, you should wrap the entire tooth with a crown.”

At Apa Aesthetic, only the thinnest outer layer is compromised unless absolutely necessary. We are adding to improve things,” Hakimzadeh assures me.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like my teeth, nor did they need to be adjusted. I knew they looked better. I used to wear braces in junior high school. COVID-19 Pandemic I recently completed an Invisalign treatment.

Still, I wasn’t completely satisfied. My two front teeth were much longer than the rest of my upper teeth. Like many others, I wanted them to be a little more white.

After researching the procedure, especially dentists who can perform it, the clear choices were: Apa Esthetic in LA

At the initial consultation, Reihani examined my teeth and gave me a clear explanation of what I was trying to achieve. I have a good idea,” he told me. will do so.”

Talkin' Teeth: Inside One Woman's Veneer Journey
Dr. Ben Reyhani (left) and Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh (right).

Reyhani says that during these in-depth consultations, patients often find that they need very little work. But in my case it wasn’t. I certainly didn’t have to fill my mouth full of veneers. I was looking for adjustments that would enhance my smile both above and below.

Once the final adjustments were made, they took impressions of my teeth. That same day, the master’s in-house ceramist created temporary veneers and applied them. Two sessions, ~2 weeks apart, condensed into one.

After receiving the dentures, I was able to try on the new teeth. This allowed us to check for comfort as well as beauty. Did I like my new smile? Did it complement my mouth? Was I eating comfortably? Were they white enough? were they too white?

“Two dentists assured me that as long as I take care of my veneers regularly and brush and floss regularly, they won’t discolor in between.”

I returned to LA for a final appointment and made just one adjustment request. I wanted to keep the look of a natural smile, so the finished smile was a little whiter, but not too white. That’s exactly what I got, and after a 15+ year journey to achieve the best smile, I finally got it.

Good things don’t last forever, so the day will come when you’ll need a replacement, but it won’t be anytime soon.

“These will last 20 years or more,” says Hakimzadeh. “Generally, as we age, our gums recede and we begin to see areas of the teeth that may have been previously hidden. Not because I’m old, but because I’ve lost my sense of aesthetics with age.”

Two dentists assured me that as long as I take care of my veneers and brush and floss regularly, they won’t tarnish in the meantime. It cost a lot depending on the market, but a personalized, in-house made veneer can run anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000.In my case, it was worth the money. I have a smile that is custom-made for me, no one else. I had the best experience. Yes, I still have all my real teeth.

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