India’s National Cinema Day proves low ticket prices are needed

Many industry experts and a small number of business entertainment market players believe that ticket prices will need to come down to bring movie theaters back to pre-corona levels. India celebrated its National Cinema Day on Friday (September 23rd). Most cinemas reported 90% occupancy on Friday.These included an early morning show of Hindi movies brahmastra so does hollywood Avatar It was re-released in India. New Release in Hindi – R Balki’s Chup Artist’s Revenge and cookie gratiDoka Round D Corner in Despite the limited release, it was well received.

The Multiplex Association of India claimed more than 6.5 million footprints were registered across 4,000 screens, including screens from multiple multiplex chains that have joined the joint initiative. Both PVR and Inox recorded his 90% occupancy on the day. Carnival Cinema posted 70% occupancy on National Cinema Day.

Much has been said, tweeted, and debated about the quality of mass-produced content for Hindi films as digital platforms have grown over the past two and a half years. Content is arguably the biggest factor, but MAI’s numbers prove that ticket pricing is also a huge deterrent. Why spend $5 to $20 per ticket when you can watch more of the same movies and shows from the comfort of your own home?

Manoj Desai, executive director of India’s iconic Maratha Mandir Theater and G7 Multiplex (Mumbai), confirmed similar occupancy rates at his theater, adding: we ran Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Maratha Mandir for 27 years at $0.37 per card. We wanted a low rate, not an empty theater. Facilities such as a stereophonic sound system and a 70mm screen are also available. I have been in this business for 50 years and have had success. A multiplex must also think about the masses. ”

Desai is not alone. Most single-screen theaters in the country offer similarly priced movie tickets. Food and beverage costs are also different from multiplex.

Alok Tandon, CEO of Inox Leisure, says Inox alone has attracted half a million patrons for National Cinema Days across India. “After 18 months of slump, from January to June he had a great six months. And now the initiative is a success.” Asked about lowering ticket prices Tandon said: Pricing structures work in many aspects, including property cost, target audience, and newness of movie release. Even in Inox’s best quarter (Q1 FY23), the average mixed ticket price was $2.82 for him. Some locations may have more, but nowhere above $9.85. We set a fair price. ”

Carnival Cinemas Director and CEO Vishal Sawhney said: Whether it’s cutting ticket costs or offering discounts on food and drink, these changes make a big difference for both customers and businesses. I mean For businesses, it means increased traffic and potential sales. By making cinema prices more affordable, more people can visit the movies and enjoy time with their families. We hope that you will come to enjoy movies at the cinema. ”

Ashish Saksena, COO Cinemas of ticketing site BookMyShow, added: A swift return to the theatrical format that exceeds industry expectations. ”

Obviously, the ticket prices were low, so there was a great response. This is what the industry must consider when strategizing how to restructure the Indian entertainment theatrical business.

Pooja Entertainment producer Vashu Bhagani claims he has been advocating for low ticket prices since the early 2000s. “We contacted Multiplex and had them provide us with one screen in a theater that could operate as a JUNTA screen. F&B comes at a much lower cost, allowing you to attract viewers to a world-class viewing experience without burning a hole in your pocket. It is a time that is needed now, and is essential to give the current theater as well as the film industry the momentum it needs.”

As the weekend draws to a close, filmmaker Ayan Mukerji has announced special ticket prices for his new Hindi film, Brahmastra. Tickets for this movie will be priced at $1.23 for his four days from September 26th to September 29th in honor of India’s Navratri Festival.

https://www.forbes.com/sites/swetakaushal/2022/09/25/indias-national-cinema-day-proves-low-ticket-prices-is-the-need-of-the-hour/ India’s National Cinema Day proves low ticket prices are needed

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