India’s greatest modern actor turns 72

Shabana Azmi has been a source of inspiration for generations of women and men. She pays close attention to the younger generation.

how to write about Shabana AzumiThe name evokes so many trains of thought, personal and professional.? I have known her intimately for over 40 years. Shabana Her Azmi is a powerhouse unrivaled both as an actor and as a person who is unwavering in her beliefs and never willing to compromise. She does not value herself as much as the world.

Shabana was trained by the Indian Film and Television Society to look for truth in every performance.She humbly feels that she sometimes managed to find out the truth

We all know Shabana through her famous performances. But there is one that comes closest to the truth of her character. La Nuit Bengali (1988), based on the amorous experiences of Bengali literary scholar Metreyi Devi himself, is one of the unsung gems of Shabana Azmi’s career.Just a pleasure to see her team up with a legend Sumitra Chatterjee Worth the ticket.Shabana and Sumitra play a couple with a daughter Supriya Pathak Has a horrible relationship with a guest in her Romanian house, played by the amiable Hugh Grant. Maitreyi Devi opposed the film and it was not released in India.

There was another great and underrated Shabana Azmi performance Ek Pal (1986). Shabana played a lonely wife in Guwahati, and her husband (Naseruddin Shah) are far apart.directed by Kalpana Rajimi A man who died young and barely sung allowed women to keep babies out of wedlock.

BR Ishara log ca kahenge (1983) saw Shabana play the most despicable character of her career. Shabana’s Roma is forced into a loveless marriage to a widower (Sanjeev Kumar). When her stepson sees her with her lover (Navin Nischol), Roman strangles the boy. Shabana, she told me, was frightened when she put a brutal look on her own face while killing her child. This shocker was completely rejected by the audience.But so was hell Kaga’s Ke Fool.

At Aparna Sen satie (1989) Marrying a Tree Wasn’t Easy. Shabana played a mute woman who marries a tree in the 19th century because her horoscope predicted her husband’s death. Shabana and her director Aparna Sen have made many films together.There is nothing more exciting and captivating than satieMost of the film was shot in a torrential downpour where a loveless and unlucky woman rages against her bad luck.After filming, Shabana was seriously ill with pneumonia satieThere is no information about the fate of Shabana’s lead role. You could call it Miss Tree.

My favorite Shabana performance is that of Pravin Bhatt. Babna (1983). I have seen this story many times about an abandoned wife turning to prostitution to pay for her son’s education. Every time I sobbed like a child. Shabana as a sacrificial mother is comparable to Nargis. mother india.

In a torrent of groundbreaking performances, Shabana admits that she has also done mediocre work, especially in mainstream films. She is refreshingly open to honest evaluations of her own work, and listens carefully to her criticism even without an agenda.

Indian actresses are said to die at the age of 40.She was working on the pandemic in Budapest for Steven Spielberg’s web series Hello and in London for a feature film What’s Love Got To Do Itin a very tight biobubble.

She believes the feature difference between Hollywood and Indian cinema is rapidly diminishing.When Shabana was working for John Schlesinger Madame Suzatka In the late 1980s, directors couldn’t believe they were working on 12 films at the same time. It is unthinkable for an actor to appear in so many films today. “We have become more organized as an industry,” she says.

Shabana has been a source of inspiration for generations of women and men. She pays close attention to the younger generation. Shabana was raised in a democratic household, and her opinion and that of her brother’s cinematographer, Baba Azmi, were given due consideration. Shabana sees a growing need for less hierarchy and more interactive relationships with young people.she gives her name taboo, Vidya Balan, Aria Butt as a good actor.

How does she rate herself? “If you think Donald Trump overestimates Meryl Streep, maybe I do too.”

Contrary to what her fans believe, Shabana never planned her future. And my career has gone with the flow.”

For her farewell shot, she quotes her father Kaifi Azumi.

Todna apna kaam nahi hai

Hum hain dilon ko Jodonne Were

kya hindu aur kya muslim

Kaise Gore Kaise Karl

Ek hi mala ke sab daane(Breaking is not what we do. We are one minded, Hindus and Muslims, white or black, unite all the beads in the same necklace.) ).

Subhash K Jha is a Patna-based film critic who has been writing about Bollywood long enough to know the Bollywood industry thoroughly. He tweets at @SubhashK_Jha.

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