Indian Clean Slate Filmz launches Clean OTT for women

Indian production house Clean Slate Filmz has announced the launch of a new digital platform Clean OTT. He is considered the world’s first female OTT. Clean Slate Filmz is a joint venture between Bollywood star Anushka Sharma and her brother Carnes Scharma. Ssharma says a unique aspect of his latest offering is that it is the world’s only digital platform for women. Net OTT will launch in the first quarter of 2023, according to the production house.

Sharing his excitement, Ssharma says: “It’s been an exciting time for us, we’ve been working on it for the last year. We’ve been structuring, finding people to support us. What we’re launching is the world’s first women’s OTT. It’s OTT, who is the woman-first, the woman-forward, and will tell mythical modern stories from the lens of women ”.

Agreeing that there are too many digital platforms, Ssharma says: “Yes, there are many platforms and their number has grown rapidly over the last few years. But these are the only platforms for women. ”

OTT net content will include international and regional projects. It will be guided by the annual SVOD subscription model and will initially be launched in India before expanding to markets such as the UK, US, Canada and UAE.

Speaking about market segmentation, Ssharma says: “We believe there is a unique opportunity to expand content. For example, women make up 50% of viewers in India, but most of the content is targeted at men or represents women secondarily. “We are confident that the Clean OTT narratives will appeal to everyone as we present a platform without prejudice. This will give women the right to vote, which can be enjoyed by any demographic group around the world, as well as for those who are part of our production, the path to career advancement.

Clarifying the much-talked-about deal with Netflix and Amazon, he says he has no right to list projects, but adds: “We have eight titles. We will release them in the next 12-18 months. There are about 3-4 movies and 3-4 series. The series will be in a three-season format. ”

When asked about the poor performance of Netflix in India, Scharma should not talk about any particular platform. “Digital platforms work on certain credentials that they get based on data and analysis. Based on the attractiveness of their subscribers, the platforms work on certain types of content. For us (as a producer house) it’s important to stick to our view of content instead of worrying about platform programming standards ”.

He adds: “We really like the story of new talent. For all our films and shows we have first directors. We are really proud to encourage new and fresh cinematic voices by telling stories in a more fresh way. They are all entertaining as well as instructive. Success in Bulbul and Pataal Locke gave platforms confidence to support our stories. We’re mostly concerned with focusing on our stories, and then we just hope the platform has such stories in its programming. ”

Clean Slate Filmz is ready to become a launch vehicle for the son of the late actor Irfan Khan Babil, who debuts with Calla.

Indian Clean Slate Filmz launches Clean OTT for women

Source link Indian Clean Slate Filmz launches Clean OTT for women

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