India.Arie says it left Spotify because of its “obligation with artists” and not Joe Rogan

India.Aven clarified the reasons for leaving Spotifyafter she became one of many artists boycotting the service in recent weeks.

When she first pulled her music out of service earlier this monthArie named their exclusive podcast hosting Joe Rogan and his “language around the race” as the reason she left Spotify.

«Neil Young opened the door I have to go through, ”she wrote on Instagram, explaining how to proceed Neil Young’s exit from Spotify due to Rogan spreading “misinformation” about COVID-19 on his podcast.

“I believe in freedom of speech. However, I find Joe Rogan problematic for reasons other than his interview with COVID, ”she said at the time.

Now in a new interview with Trevor Noah Daily showArie discussed how the royalty scheme and Spotify’s business practices also influenced her decision.

Asked by Noah if Rogan was her enemy, Arie replied: “My conversation was about Spotify and its relationship to artists.

“I have to say that asking to remove my music from Spotify in protest doesn’t really help me,” she added, “but I did it in protest only because I felt that my dignity was preserved … disrespected.”

Discussing royalties payments that artists receive from Spotify, Arie explained, “They say,‘ Well, that’s right; it’s just what you get paid. But labels and streaming platforms make those decisions. And so they tell you, “That’s what we decided, that’s what you get.”

“You listen [on Spotify], we get from 0.003 to 0.005 percent of the penalty, ”she added. “It has made the profession of producer and songwriter unfit for life for many people. Many people are tired of even debating whether to pay someone for their work. ”

Discussing Rogan, she added: “I have learned in my life to make room and forgive people who are unknowingly racists because our whole society is built on racist concepts – so if you were born into it, if you are not actively working on it not to be a racist, then you have a part of it.

“If you know you’re doing this and keep doing it, I’d say it’s a racist. For me, when I think of Joe Rogan, I think he is deliberately racist. ”

India.Arie joined a number of other artists who also asked Spotify remove their music because of Rogan’s comments in his podcast. It started with Neil Young leaves due to the spread of Rogan’s “misinformation” about COVID-19with artists like Johnny Mitchell and Graham Nash in solidarity.

Arie said Young’s statement of concern prompted her to address her grievances. The protest of many musicians who followed their example Spotify lost $ 2 billion in market value.

Spotify CEO Daniel Eck responded in an official statement on Jan. 30, saying that Spotify will add COVID-19 content recommendations to all relevant podcast episodes.

India.Arie says it left Spotify because of its “obligation with artists” and not Joe Rogan

Source link India.Arie says it left Spotify because of its “obligation with artists” and not Joe Rogan

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