India alone starts racing for the 200 Kroner club, showing an unimaginable 910% growth from day one on day 17

Kantara Is A Smashing Blockbuster (Photo Credit – From Kantara)

Kantara, starring Rishab Shetty, is doing phenomenal business all over the country. Since coming out in multiple dubbed languages, the film has racked up an unprecedented number of showings, making it difficult to predict where it will ultimately end up at the box office. According to the latest update, the film has surpassed her Rs 10 crore in India alone. For more information, read on.

steered by Rishab Shetty, the latest Sandalwood release is rewriting the history books at the box office. After getting off to a solid start, it’s grown tremendously with incredible word of mouth, and is becoming a monster thanks to the immense love it receives in its dubbed version.

According to the latest update, Kantara has done the unthinkable. 2000000000* (all languages) Yesterday. Yes you read that right!movies grew up 910% Day 17 says a lot about the frenzy and success of the film compared to Rs 19.8 crore on the first day. In India alone, his current gross is over $100 million. 113 million* nett (all languages). Looking at the current pace and trends, we are about to join the 200 kroner club.

When it comes to global collections, Kantara 14.284 billion In aggregate, it will reach $150 million in a day or two. Right now it’s guaranteed to join the Rs 200 crore club, but don’t be surprised if the film hits the Rs 30 crore mark worldwide in the next few days.

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Note: Box office figures are estimates and based on various sources. Numbers have not been independently verified by Koimoi.

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https://www.koimoi.com/box-office/kantara-box-office-shows-unimaginable-growth-of-910-from-opening-day-on-its-day-17-racing-towards-the-200-crore-club-in-india-alone/ India alone starts racing for the 200 Kroner club, showing an unimaginable 910% growth from day one on day 17

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