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little big boy It seems like a fitting name for a comedy special when you realize that the person behind it is none other than Nick Kroll, the owner of a manic, mischievous energy that’s very hard to replicate. This is the 44-year-old comedian’s first Netflix special, and his first in nearly a decade. A lot has changed since Kroll’s final move. For one thing, the comedian really came into his own as a bona fide comedic voice that was largely spurred on by all-out bonkers madness. big mouth, a Netflix animated show about adolescence created and voiced by Kroll. In that sense, the timing of Nick Kroll’s Comedy His special couldn’t have been more appropriate, if only because it at least promised the same vocal escalation.

That part alone leaves Kroll in awe and equally agitated throughout the hour-long special’s run. Right off the bat, it’s not hard to see just how excited the comedian looks on stage. We recognize that this is a really big moment for him. It’s hard to wrap your head around the frequency of fart and poop jokes coming from. See, I went in with the full expectation that given Kroll’s reputation, the special was bound to devolve into a vulgar mess. But I don’t know if I understand the allure of a comedian’s scatological interest, although no one accepts it more easily than the comedian, and outlines his story with excitement and passion. It is used as a segue to highlight most of Kroll’s embarrassing life events, including his first heartbreak at age 32.

If the special still feels shaky despite its economic length and Kroll’s boundless charisma, it’s simply due to changes in its tone. This means that the specials alternate between different storytelling arcs. The first approach is exhilarating to witness. In addition to doing exaggerated versions of himself, Kroll imitates a naughty four-year-old child who doesn’t want to go to bed, his mother, and his father. In fact, more than anything else, these parts of the special really highlight Kroll’s amazing grasp of his own body language and facial expressions. When he’s performing for someone other than himself, Kroll is easily animated onstage and feels so much that it’s easy to mistake these turns for his material.

So, no matter how sure and energetic these parts are, little big boy That is, it cannot compensate for the scattered directionality of his material. It was his second approach to Kroll’s special move, which was disappointing given his incongruity with his own reputation. Even if Kroll does his best to infuse them with as many poop jokes as possible, the bland trope of his life with his wife and his baby during the pandemic proves to be a bit boring. The problem here is fundamental. So Kroll seems to have little idea what of these memories fit the joke. Is he saying it just because he says it’s funny, or is he saying it because these anecdotes are actually funny? That alone seems like a waste considering how strange the overall energy of Kroll’s demon special ability actually is.a special called little big boyI wish Nick Kroll had stuck to the quirkiness of his voice.

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