In honor of his late father’s 49th birthday, Meadow Walker wrote a touching tribute

On this day, Meadow Walker’s 49th birthday, he remembers his father, Paul Walker, who died when he was very young.

On Monday, the 23-year-old model posted an adorable flashback photo with the late actor to Instagram, along with a shot of the latest Paul Walker Foundation product.

In her post description, she said happy birthday to her best friend and soul twin. Always and forever, my love and devotion to you. Announcing: Today’s release of a brand new design from the incomparable @paulwalkerfdn in your honor!

She also shared a snapshot of her younger days sitting on her father’s shoulders on her Instagram story.

Paul died in a car accident on November 30, 2013 when Meadow was 15 years old. he was 40 years old. Paul was in the middle of filming his Fast 7, so his brothers Caleb and Cody were brought in to replace him. Later, his face was digitally overlaid onto their body.

His daughter has often paid tribute to him. She saw her F9 debut in June 2021. Vin Diesel, who stars alongside Paul, brought up the idea of ​​including Meadow in the film.

When asked by E!, Diesel said, “I don’t count anything.” Daily Pop earlier this year. Let me state that as long as you don’t spill the beans on Fast 10, nothing is out of the question.

Diesel has expressed concern for his granddaughter, Meadow, who maintains a close relationship with him and his family. She said it was the first time she had

Diesel also said at the time, “Seeing her with my kids is one of the greatest things in the world.” It really hurts my heart because I can only imagine what my brother sees.

https://celebrityinsider.org/honoring-her-late-father-on-what-would-have-been-his-49th-birthday-meadow-walker-wrote-a-touching-tribute-532822/ In honor of his late father’s 49th birthday, Meadow Walker wrote a touching tribute

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