In excellent performance, Good Nurse lacks a sense of dread

For Amy (Jessica Chastain), a nurse struggling with a New Jersey hospital’s ICU workload, a single-parent family, and heart disease, it’s her new colleague Charles Cullen (Jessica Chastain) who provides respite. Eddie Redmayne). She forms a friendship with Charles, who is caring and supportive. He shares her responsibilities at work and helps Amy deal with her nine-year-old daughter’s tantrums. This dynamic between them changes when some of the recovering patients suddenly and mysteriously die and Charles becomes a suspect. It turns out that such a death occurred while he was on duty at another hospital.

Lead actors Chastain and Redmayne have already established a formidable personal track record of diving into demanding roles and essaying them with nuance and honesty. Their captivating performance in Danish director Tobias Lindholm’s English-language debut, The Good Nurse, is the latest in a series of true crime stories to stream on Netflix, this 123-minute feature film. It gives power to the story. As Amy and Charles’ friendship remains the focal point of the film, these two great actors of hers seem to complement each other’s creative energies. Redmayne, in particular, is sweet enough to care for his colleague’s daughters and heartbroken to be separated from his own, but deliberately overdoses on helpless patients for no apparent reason. It brings out the nuances of men who are doing it.

The film also builds on the backstory of a patient who is left in a dire state for treatment. Warm and friendly, Amy makes connections with most of her patients, including elderly newlyweds and young mothers. Shock occurs when these patients die during recovery. But shock does not turn into anger or fear.

The film follows the chilling story of a serial killer who spent 16 years as a nurse in various American hospitals and is suspected of killing nearly 400 patients (but he admitted to killing 29). It tells a story, but it falls short of evoking it. Feeling scared. After all, the prospect of a caregiver running amok in his ICU and targeting vulnerable patients is as terrifying as being trapped in a haunted house by a malevolent unseen force. The film falls short when it comes to highlighting the negligence of the hospital where Charles worked. Despite their suspicion of wrongdoing, they never took legal action against Charles.

The Good Nurse could have been the story of a flawed system that allowed a serial killer to operate until a local detective knocked on the hospital door. You can only hide and remain uncooperative. The story is also about an understaffed hospital and an overworked nurse who, despite being threatened with a looming stroke, can’t get health insurance until after a year of work.

The lead actor manages to keep the story engaging, opting for a more humane portrayal of a serial killer currently serving multiple life sentences.

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/hollywood/the-good-nurse-with-excellent-performances-lacks-a-feeling-of-dread-8236912/ In excellent performance, Good Nurse lacks a sense of dread

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