“I’m glad OTT hired a woman in her 40s like me” – Entertainment News, Firstpost

Content has become the queen instead of the king. That is the demise of the quintessential Bollywood her heroine with OTT.There was a time when I saw female roles being underrepresented, but streaming especially gave me the opportunity to see female characters through a different lens. soha ali khan on amazon prime silence, be quietthe different shades of female roles and how it feels to be happily employed in her early 40s, which seemed like a distant dream in Bollywood a few years ago, but thanks to OTT .

Edited excerpt from the interview:

How are women’s roles changing and are we not seeing stereotypical heroines like movie accessories?

I really like seeing women with different shades. First, because women of all ages are represented, their stories mattered, and most importantly, their stories are told, seen, and seen. Any kind of woman. The series shows different stages of personal life. For someone like me in her early 40s, it’s nice to be hired.

OTT attaches great importance to supporting female characters in movies and shows. All characters are given a certain depth and roundness. So they’re not just there to support the male lead. I think the reason filmmakers and writers think this way is probably because audiences want strong, layered female characters like this. I think we need to have more roles like that and we are definitely on the right track.

OTT doesn’t box you up. How do all the characters on the digital platform justify their journey and existence?

If anything is well written, all the characters justify their own journey and existence. There’s a reason we’re in. Both the producers and the makers are happy to see people play different roles, along with the audience.

Different characters and stories are also different, and there is a desire to see people of different shades. Much less stereotyping.Content creators want diversity

Ageism in Bollywood and the fact that OTT gives you room to play your age and star in the lead role.

OTT has given room to create stories centered around older women and related to their lives. You will never see a gray-haired woman in a lead role on the big screen. You are playing your age and you don’t have to try to look young, I’m in her early 40s but it was scripted with age in mind and it feels young, old and dated I am happy not to let you. Every character has their own story, and that’s the beauty of digital platforms.

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https://www.firstpost.com/entertainment/soha-ali-khan-on-hush-hush-i-happy-that-ott-has-given-a-woman-like-me-in-her-forties-to-be-employed-11340191.html “I’m glad OTT hired a woman in her 40s like me” – Entertainment News, Firstpost

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