If you think Upendra’s Kabzaa looks like a copy of Yash’s KGF, you’re not alone

If it’s just you or you were wondering if Kabuza looks like a scene-by-scene copy of KGF: Chapter 2, don’t fret. You are not alone. From title fonts to film tones, textures and colors, Kabuza Screams KGF every frame. A teaser for the film was released in Bengaluru on Saturday amid much fanfare. The teaser promises a film about the rise of gangs in British-ruled India. We put a little spin on the movie by mixing it up.

Kabzaa was written and directed by R. Chandru, who has collaborated with Upendra many times in the past. The film seems to mark a departure from the run-of-the-mill romantic tales Chandru has made so far. His last directorial outing was titled I Love You starring Upendra. And the movie made headlines in 2019 for all the wrong reasons. The film’s female protagonist, Rachita Ram, has expressed regret about having a “daring” song sequence in the film.

Kabzaa’s teaser hints at a film that goes beyond Chandru’s typical taste and talent. He seemed to have a reference point for every shot, scene and emotion in the movie. The teaser suggests that the film will deal with themes of poverty, perhaps with a mother-son relationship at its center, the disease of slavery and even the rise of a flamboyant, power-hungry savior. It just feels, reads and looks like a copy of .

And Kabzaa’s makers aren’t even keeping it a secret. Upendra is happy that the film was compared to his KGF. Chandru also said earlier in the interview: “The KGF is my inspiration. To score a goal, I have to look at the goalpost first. I am so proud of Prashant Neil. He did the KGF and turned heads across the country. So I realized there was a market for a movie with this much directing value.Language was not a barrier.I put all my experience into making a Hollywood-like movie.”

Clearly, Kabzaa is indebted to the KGF universe in many ways. And it remains to be seen if R Chandru simply plagiarized his KGF or if he went ahead with what Prashanth started.

As the late legendary filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard said, “It’s not where you take things, but where you take them.”

https://indianexpress.com/article/entertainment/opinion-entertainment/upendra-kabzaa-looks-like-a-copy-of-yash-kgf-8159660/ If you think Upendra’s Kabzaa looks like a copy of Yash’s KGF, you’re not alone

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